7 NOT Really Academic Tips to Help You Create a Top Essay

We all know how difficult it is to force oneself to write an essay. If you get a writing assignment, you postpone it as much as you can, always look for easier ways to complete it and seek additional help from other people. But it’s not something you need to be ashamed of. In fact, everybody does this because, you know, academic writing is not the most interesting activity in the world, and your young mind isn’t able to focus on something boring for a long time. But the reality is that you have no other choice.

That’s why we’ve prepared a set of not so academic like tips for you to make the writing process more fun and entertaining. After following them you’ll surely create a top essay (or at least start it).

  1. Sing Some Karaoke
  2. carrie hope fletcher and pete bucknall

    Yep, baby. That’s exactly what you need before getting to writing. Go to YouTube, type in your favorite song with a “karaoke” add-on, scream yourself to the husky voice and you’re ready for the actual work.

  3. Choose a Juicy Topic
  4. no luke i am your father

    Who told you that you can’t write about Star Wars in your essay? In actual practice, you can choose to write about anything you like, be it about spinners, new Game of Thrones episode or your dog Tucker.

  5. Help Yourself to Treats
  6. Tumblr

    Have written the introduction? We bet you have some goodies in your stash. Reward yourself for the efforts and set up a plan when you get some treatment for each completed paragraph (or sentence). Best motivation ever!

  7. Copy Your Influencer
  8. photo caption

    Is there any vlogger or writer who you fancy? Then watch/read them, notice what language they use and try to copy their style. It will be much easier to start from imitation than to attempt to work out your personal style. But be careful with the influencer you choose because, say, Snoop Dog is not the best person to take after when it comes to academic writing.

  9. Talk to Yourself
  10. sometimes i think i crazy cause i see things so differently

    Sometimes it’s the best way to sort out your thoughts and make an outline for your future essay. But make sure nobody will think you’re going bugs. It may have some … consequences.

  11. Eavesdrop on Other People
  12. eavesdropping

    When you have no idea what to write about, why don’t just listen to what others discuss? Spot some hot topic, or idea to continue your essay, and voila! Say no to writer’s block (or at least boring essays about democracy or global warming).

  13. Take off Some Clothes
  14. Misha Collins

    John Cheever, a Pulitzer Prize winner, prefers to write in his underwear. We’re not hinting at anything. Just saying.
    These non-academic rituals might really help you get going with your essay. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your ultimate motivating and inspiring technique, and you won’t have writing troubles anymore. And besides, it’s just fun to mix up serious academic assignments with entertaining “exercises”. Enjoy!

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