Five 18+ Tools for Creative Thinking: Improve Essential Skills beyond the College Walls

So, you need to improve your creative thinking in order to boost your studies, move higher on your career ladder, impress your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. Whatever purpose you have, we bet that you have already surfed through the Internet and found nothing except for boring online courses, coaches or guides. But we have something better for you – five 18+ tools for creative thinking that will heat up your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Read “50 Shades of Grey”
  2. fifty shades of darker

    The book is so popular for a reason – it is written in an easy-going but engaging style, and you can certainly learn a thing or two from it. See how the author describes the most interesting things, check out the applied creative writing methods and then use them in business correspondence, speeches, and presentations. But be sure that you match the right approaches with the right people.

  3. Watch “Game of Thrones”
  4. Queen

    This TV show contains a lot of scenes that some audience consider unacceptable. But, hey, many men – many minds. It may sparkle your subconscious self or you might just analyze why there are so many fans of these series: sudden deaths? Sex? The dramatic plot turns? You name it. The moment you understand why people are so attracted to “Game of Thrones”, your creative thinking will get a boost.

  5. Call Someone You Don’t Know
  6. natalie portman closer

    You know there are certain telephone lines where you can just call and discuss anything in the world. They can free or paid (depends on who you want to talk to and how entertaining you want the conversation to be), so you can ring and improvise. Believe us, your creative thinking will start rolling.

  7. Dim the Lights
  8. divination candle

    There is a research with findings proving that people become more creative in dark rooms because they feel freer and get more explorative. So, organize yourself an intimate atmosphere and train your creative thinking by yourself … or with the help or someone else.

  9. Take Breaks for the Right Activities
  10. Daily Kai of a Vampire

    Think about some activities or exercises that make you relax and get an energy boost. Then plan you creative thinking upgrading in a way that you always have time for short breaks to engage in those activities. You’ll be surprised how much they will impact your attempts to develop your imagination and how awesome you’ll feel after (if you really choose the right activities).
    These methods of improving creative thinking will help you get out of the pool of boring tips and guidelines that lead only to sleep instead of a creativity outburst. And the 18+ nature will motivate you to get really concentrated and thorough when it comes to achieving results. So, read the right books, watch the right films and do the right activities, and your creative thinking will get upgraded tenfold without dull courses and books. Just follow our tips and see that for yourself!

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