Love Fail Short Stories or a Functional Way to Write an Engaging Essay

Writing, writing, and writing! When you are a student, writing becomes your best friend, the kind who is forced upon you, making you have to spend so much time with it that you can’t help, but become accustomed to it. Technically, it should be a good thing, with writing becoming second nature to you, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Doing so much writing becomes monotonous for college students, and while it always starts with a heavy dose of enthusiasm, by the time you reach your last years, it just words and alphabets with nothing extraordinary.

Wolf and children's candy and snow

Let us give you a little something to do. Backtrack to all your writing assignments and recall the exact words, your professors have told. Did they say, “I want your boring papers by the end of this month and the highest grades will be given to those, who will succeed at making me sleepy by the end of it.” Did they say that? No, they didn’t. So, why do you so religiously make it boring for yourself and your teachers? Do you know what can make it interesting? Adding some humor from your personal life’s short stories can help you do so.

Believe it or not, adventures and an interesting turn of events do not always happen in movies. They happen to us all the time; you just need to share your story at the right time as well as   in the right way and bingo, and you’ll make many people happy, including yourself.

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First Date

Imagine yourself writing a paper about failures, disappointments, and embarrassments. You can definitely relate to them, especially if you have something catchy to tell about your first date. There are very few people whose first dates have gone without any hitches. So, while others might have shaken their head at your first date, why don’t you share it and let everyone have a good laugh. Doing so will not only make writing papers interesting things to do, you’ll also be able to move on from your cringe-worthy moment.

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Virtual Disasters

Meeting strangers on the Internet and hoping they will turn out to be your best half? Nothing good ever comes out of it, except for some wicked good stories. We can definitely feel your pain of expecting it to be someone, who looks like Brad Pitt, but actually resembles Mr. Trump.   But, what is the point of that highly disastrous mistake when you cannot pass it on for others to learn – and laugh – especially those, who are on the verge of just making the same mistake? It can even be your professor. Add such a story to your paper, and presto, you will notice how it dresses your telling. Such a thing can be both joyful and useful for the audience.

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Long-Distance Relationships

Writing a paper on impossible things? Why not share your story of long-distance relationships. People will look at you with wide-open eyes and shocked expressions, when you tell them that. So, why not do this? You will see that you have got it clinched: you have caught the audience! It will definitely make for a good essay.

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Songs sung with feelings make their way to listeners’ hearts. Similarly, your essays, written with great interest and enthusiasm, will reach the professors in the same spirit and undeniably will result in high grades.

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