7 Unexpected Ways to Practice Essays

What could be more boring for a student than writing an elongated essay on something they have no interest in (or clue about)?
You might be shaking your head saying ‘absolutely nothing’.
Here are some of the tips to make one of the most mundane tasks a bit more fun for you:

  1. Write Love Letters
  2. Oh, what could be more enjoyable than romanticizing something utterly tedious like practicing essays? And how can we forget bringing back the tradition of love letters (better than screenshots and Snapchats, perhaps more long lasting).
    Practice essays by writing love letters to not only improve your handwriting or typing speed (whatever suits you well, filling the bin or the recycle bin); but also to know what it takes to persuade and engage the reader, and get your skills polished for the final work.
    love letters

  3. Craft an Essay in a Facebook Post to Your Friend
  4. Tell your friend and explain in great detail with supporting evidences, why can’t you make it to the party he/she wants you to be at. If you’re telling your friend you have a bad hair day, feel free to share pictures of your grizzly bear look. If it’s anything serious, hold on to the emoji usage. Your essay writing practice would develop with each excuse you make supported by a story and proof.
    essay in facebook

  5. Pin an Essay on the Fridge for Mom
  6. There’s nothing more inviting than a fridge for family reminders and post-it notes asking each other to take care of your chores. Your mom has asked you to babysit your 8-year-old brother? This is the moment to write a good essay and post it on the fridge for her, telling her why it would be brutal on your nerves. This is your chance to win the battle for once and for all.
    essay on the fridge for mom

  7. Write an Essay to Your Professor on Why You Haven’t Sent in the Completed Project yet
  8. By writing an essay to your professor explaining to him why you haven’t submitted your project yet and how much practice you would need, would only lead to one thing – more practice. Add as many excuses as you can to strengthen your essay (‘my dog ate my homework’ is a cliché though, you may as well send pictures of it if that’s true).
    writing to professor

  9. Produce an Essay as a Review of the Online Store Services You Have Used Yesterday
  10. Narrate your online shopping experience and write reviews about the online store you’ve bought from. The more personal it is, the more convincing it would be. Be it about the amazing delivery services or the 35th shade of pink tank top you received instead of sweatpants.
    online store service

  11. Write an Essay as an Application for a Part-Time Job You Want to Take
  12. Your emotions get intense and your demeanor more sophisticated as you lift your pen to write the life sentence you choose; a job application. If you wish to chisel your writing style to perfection, try writing part time job applications which you wish to take and see the words flow.
    part-time job

  13. Write to Yourself
  14. Whether you wish to fuel your narcissism, or pamper your Monday-blue-ridden self; writing to yourself helps to improve your vocabulary, adds emotions to your written work, makes you pick your own mistakes and results in a good essay practice session. #metomyself
    essay writing
    Practicing essays doesn’t have to be boring. It’s up to you to make the process more engaging and unusual, so just go for it!

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