Divide and Rule: 6 Benefits of Self-Employed Jobs

College is probably the best time to learn about where you really want your life to go. Anyone who says that he/she has figured it out in the high school is dreaming about making it successful on America’s Got Talent. We are not saying that you are not able to reach this particular dream, but do you know that you can make it successful on your own, purely due to your terms and your preferences?

Self-employment is awesome, haven’t you dreamed about working in sweat pants, or no pants at all? However, the glory and convenience do not come easy, but you have everything to work for self-employed jobs.

1. Like a Boss

You are your own boss. You decide who works on your dream and who does not. You work out the plan, the way your corporate culture pans out, and everything else. You are the person in the big chair as well as you are going to be the one who can say ‘you are fired’.

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2. Dollar Bills Everywhere

Do you realize that you will be the person who earns the most money in the entire organization! On top of that, when your business starts making profits, you can pay independent contractors and arrange long-term contracts. In addition, you are going to keep the profits and only deduct what you pay your employees and other expenses.

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3. Work from Home

Work from home, work from a café, work under the street lamp; hell, work in your ex’s apartment that you have broken into (bad humor behind). The best thing about having your own business is that you are flexible with your working hours and from where you are sending instructions to the people who work for you, as long as you have established an effective channel of communication.

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4. No Room for Drama Mamas

If you have ever worked anywhere, you will understand what this is. There is always a co-worker who irritates you every time he/she speaks, eats, passes by, etc. The good news while being your own boss is that you can work absolutely alone as well as you are free of toxic people, who suck your energy out like Dementors.

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5. You Will Always Have a Job

As long as you are working on your own business and making the right moves, you will never be out of a steady flow of income. Otherwise, in every other job that you may apply for, you cannot always be concerned whether you will work there tomorrow.

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6. New Stuff for Work

Unlike other places, you can go for office equipment shopping any time you want. But while you are working for a someone’s company, have to bow to the reality and work with the outdated equipment or  pay your personal cash for the item you want.

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Of course, it is so tempting to become a star that was spotted on TV screens, but doesn’t it sound more piquant to become a big boss?

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