Tinder and Your Skills of Communication: How to Find Your Date the Right Way

Most people consider the Tinder app as a tool to get a one-night date and so far. Some of you may think that there is nothing difficult to find a decent date, but is that really so?

With the help of the right skills of communication, you can find out more about the person than the first impression, as well as the person, you are talking to, can find out how great you are.


There are tons of photographs, which you can find out on the Internet that anyone can use to replace his/her personal ones. Let’s be realistic; all of us think that someone’s picture is fake if it is too good to be true. However, do not be afraid of asking the person openly about this. Instead, focus on what they say. If you pick up the person on exaggerated tales, while talking to him or her, the possibility of the person’s fake profile photos increases.

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The best tactic, when it comes to answering the message, is to take your time. Be more thoughtful, and respond with a doubled checked message. Also, do not overdo it; keep it short and simple. If it takes you a lot of writing to resolve the issue, do not text them. Instead, arrange the meeting in person. Sensitive topics can be easily miscommunicated via texts.

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Common Interests

This is an important part of any conversation. In fact, you will probably know that someone is a perfect candidate for you when you discover that you both have some interests in common. However, there is no reason to write about your interests in the very first message if you really have anything in common, it will show up by itself. But still, it’s important to acknowledge it.

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Talk about Things You Wouldn’t

Think about all the things that you do not want to talk about with the person you are going to have a one-night stand and never see again. When you have met them more than once, you can break the ice, and share this information if you feel that this is the person you were searching for. So then, you are going to notice that there is a bit of chemistry between you two. However, topics like telling that you are in love and that you are searching for a partner should not take place in your conversation for sure.

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Don’t Stick to Emails

Do not be bent on e-mailing the other person. After a while, you may ask a partner to have a phone conversation, or even to meet in person. This works both ways: you are reassuring the person that you are a real human as well as you are going to learn the true intentions of your partner.

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So, if you do not want to get into a trap of a crank, you have to be craftier, and with the help of your good skills of communication, bring a maniac to the light. Remember, being able to ask a tricky question in style is a great benefit!

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