How to Spend Spare Time Wisely or 6 Service Projects for Teens in Summer Time

It is always a good idea to give back to the community that helped you become a person you are today. The world would simply be better off if we start performing more acts of selflessness. Those students who do want to serve the community end up feeling overwhelmed with the number of options and it suddenly seems like a daunting task to perform acts of charity.

We have come up with 6 ways you can help the community while still striking a healthy balance with both your student and personal life. These are some perfect service projects for teens:

1. Join Your School’s Community Service Program


Sometimes, you just need to involve yourself more in the outreach programs within your own school. These organizations can help you perform a range of activities, from serving cookies to homeless shelters, spending time with retired folks in old age homes and even volunteering to take care of sick people in hospitals.

2. Help Clean Your Beach


With the world’s beaches getting engulfed by filth and pollution, it falls on your shoulders to take care of the mess. There are various volunteering opportunities scattered across the place, all you have to do is sign up with them and begin helping the environment get back on track. The Greenpeace of South Florida Deerfield Beach club is an excellent choice if you are from Florida.

3. Feed the Poor

chicken feed

There is a large number of homeless people in the USA with no place to go and hungry, grumbling stomachs. There are a lot of programs geared towards feeding the homeless citizens. Participate in these hunger relief programs distributing food to the poor. Just don’t document your volunteering activities to brag online to your friends and the rest of the world. That would just undo all your efforts!

4. Organize a Blood Drive

blood circulation animated

There is a shortage of blood in hospitals and the number of needy patients just keeps on increasing, you can sign up with Red Cross to help provide some aid to the ailing people. You will even overcome your ridiculous fear of needles and even receive a free cookie at the end of your donation.

5. National Youth Service Day


The National Youth Service Day is organized every April when it connects millions of young, energetic, zealous students into performing a range of community service activities such as cleaning up beaches.

6. Sponsor a Poor Child


There are millions of poor children around the world who do not have access to a good education. The best way to move forward for the entire planet is to have an educated population; you can do your part by sponsoring a poor child in the far corner of the world. You can sign up to ChildrenInternational and spend a monthly stipend of $32. You can even pitch in with your friends if you fall short of the cash.

If you want to spend your summer wisely, try one or even several options from this list, and you will see how proud you will become.

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