4 Organizational Rules to Manage the First Date and Make up Sections of Research Paper

How can a high school nerd keep a healthy balance between maintaining a good overall GPA and holding onto their date? Nerds aren’t known for excellent social skills, struggling too hard to keep up their pace with the requirements of their assignments and other research papers. All of this often ends up hurting their personal relations. All of this pays off in the long run and they manage to graduate with flying colors and bag high paying jobs, but they end up single and lonely oftentimes with poor social skills.

Don’t make the mistake of treating your personal life as an afterthought. If you don’t start managing your personal life now, then you won’t be able to manage it down the line later. Procrastination is harmful to both your professional life and your personal life. Here are a few tips for you to follow to end up getting a date:

1. Let Your Date Know Your Professional Obligations

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Being honest with your date from the get go will let them know what to expect from you in the future, so when you’re all caught up with your work they won’t know you’re cheating on them. Let them know your school’s timetables, keep them informed of the number of assignments you’re working on. Show them sections of research paper assignments, and let them empathize with you. In this case, you will have time to commit the paper and you won’t face any misunderstandings.

2. Don’t Be Absent Minded with Your Date


The worst sin that you can commit is to be absent minded when you’re actually on your date. They will start noticing your lackadaisical, lax attitude, and get offended by your rude behavior. They will assume that they’re a burden on you, and this feeling of remoteness will push them away from your life. Instead of getting distracted and wandering your eyes off, maintain as much verbal communication with them as possible while maintaining the eye contact. The most powerful tool to get your date’s attention is by casting a powerful gaze upon them.

3. Manage Your Time — Download Time Management Apps


Your entire life can actually be maintained with an app, from your professional life right down to your personal life. A time management app will let you maintain a healthy schedule between devoting time to your research paper and your love life. It will notify you when to start working on your next assignment and when to devote time to your date. Such an app will protect you from getting overwhelmed by the stress of work and personal life.

4. Give Them Compliments

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The best way to cement your relationships with your date is to shower them with a healthy dose of compliments every now and then. Tell them how beautiful they look today, or how their clothing perfectly complements their hair. Word of advice though, it is important to not go overboard with a barrage of compliments, after all, there’s a fine line between flattery and appearing as a plain old creep.

Keeping in mind these tips will help you not only get away with your college life but also with a personal one. While you are trying to follow our advice, it is better to think over, “Who could do my assignment for me?” Supposedly, you know the answer as your personal life is still up in the air. Our experts work 24/7 for you.

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