7 Juicy Ideas to Wow Your Friends with a Secret Santa Present at College

Student life is one that is filled with struggles, loads of fun, and the thrill of a carefree life. You might be struggling with your timings, studying, working and managing your social life. Being a foreign freshman is quite a tough thing. This is the time you worry about new connections and campus life where you are to find college friends with whom you will buy college essay samples working for good grades. However, college stuff will take all your time, do NOT forget about pleasure moments you will have – holidays, parties, birthdays, etc. So, naturally, when Christmas arrives and you have to gift your mates with some of the most thoughtful, useful and cut-rate presents, it might get a little difficult. You mull over the ideas, sift through options and constantly count your cash – as if it is going to grow somehow – to come up with a terrific gift.

However, do not worry; we will do this for you. Allow us to present you some of the juiciest secret Santa present ideas for your friends.

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1.   Greek Clock

A greek clock is a perfect idea because of a number of reasons. It is something that a student can always use to make his/her dorm room looks livelier. As such a gift is inexpensive and financially economical, a math or a history student will love it.

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2.   Magic Mug

Tea, coffee or milk; everyone has their preferences, but all of them need a cup for drinking stuff. Presenting your friend with a magic cup is not only an inexpensive idea, but is also an interesting one. The magic is that the picture on the mug appears once you fill it with water. Now, you can have your friend’s face, or your favorite character printed on it.

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3.   Personalized Pillow

A good night’s sleep needs a good pillow, and a good pillow must provide you with some inspiration. It can have an inspirational quote on it, or maybe it can be in the shape of your favorite animal. A dog, a cat, or even a monkey – whatever that makes you happy! Thus, such a gift will be really cute, especially for those students, who have moved to another city, or country, and have no chance to meet their relatives.

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4.   Cool Pajamas

No one in this world neglect super comfy clothes. Even those supermodels, who spend their working days wearing painful and cringe-worthy outfits, end up with a comfortable pair of pajamas, which they put on at night. So, why not to present one to your friend? To make your gift more personal, you can buy two pajamas for you both that will complement each other; for example, there could be a picture that will look complete if you are standing side by side.

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5.   Pizza Necklaces

If you and your friends are ones who do everything and anything together, such a pizza necklace is for you. Each friend in the squad gets a slice of pizza, so that, no new person can join in.

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6.   Books

There is always an avid reader in the group, and he/she drools over when sees an interesting book. There just have to be papers and a hard cover. So, if you have such a friend, simply buy his/her favorite book and make this Christmas the best ever.

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7.   A Bed Tent

A bed tent is a perfect gift for those friends who are always having troubles finding a quiet spot for studying. The bed tent provides with an extremely private, concealed, and comfy hideaway spot.

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Now you have the list of great ideas, and we hope that you will find the perfect present for your best buds this Christmas.

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