How to Earn up to $300 on School Tutoring While Being a College Student

Most students depend on their parents for their monthly incomes and don’t become independent until well after their graduation when they finally secure jobs. There are always ways to earn extra cash without grinding yourself too much – if you’re up for a little hard work. A job on the side not only helps you wean off your parent’s money but it also gives you some real-world experience that you can actually cite in your CV to impress prospective employers.

Here are some ways you can earn some extra money down the line while school tutoring yet still holding on to your leisurely activates and not compromising on your studies either.

Provide Your Knowledge to Younger Students

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Put up a notice board in front of your lawn, on the Internet, on your Facebook wall advertising that you’re interested in giving some tuition to younger students. Teaching others not only helps you earn money but also strengthens your own basic concepts of the subject. For instance, if you’re teaching mathematics to a student in the 8th grade, you will be forced to recall basic principles in mathematics that can actually help you do well in your high school college exam.

Provide Assistance with Photoshop

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Many up and coming companies want an expert artist with skills in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Gimp, and similar photo editors. They may want you to design their logos, promos, and other pamphlets – if you’re good at it, they will pay top dollar which might actually result in a side gig that actually pays. You might even be able to convert this into a full-time job if you’re really good at it. Moreover, some students assigned to create a project using this tool may ask you for help; that will also bring you some cash. If you don’t know where to start, just open up a YouTube video or any other video editing software and start learning.

Become a Freelance Writer

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Being a freelance writer is a pot of gold. You can provide students with writing samples that will come in handy for them to create their own masterpieces. After all, such a service could earn you a good amount of extra cash.

Most companies simply cannot be bothered with writing their own content and so end up hiring writing agencies and freelance writers to do the heavy lifting. If you are good at writing, then you should give this a try. Different clients have different needs, and you will be expected to write excellent pieces on topics you have zero knowledge about. It requires patience, an open mind, and excellent searching skills.

YouTube Videos


Often, students are assigned a project and they need some help with creating a video for it. Being good at this stuff will help you earn some money as well as improve your abilities.

If you have great video editing skills, why not open up your own YouTube channel? Most celebrities with successful channels can actually end up making well above $300 on a monthly basis. At first, you should focus on producing original, quality content and grow your followers. The potential to earn money with a YouTube account is endless. You could make bank every month.

No matter whether you are a student or you have already graduated from a university, you need money all the time. Why not start earning some extra cash while being a tutor? Think what you are good at and use your talents to the fullest.

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