Writing the Best Essay Introduction

writing an essay introductionThe first impression lasts till the end! The same goes with your essay introduction as well. No matter how good or well-researched essay you have written, if you haven’t engaged your readers with the introduction, they will never continue till the end. This is why; writers should be really careful about writing their essay introduction and here are a few tips to master this delicate art.

Start with an interesting quote

This is a time tested formula where you start your essay with a quote. This instantly engages your readers and makes them intrigued to continue reading. But you should be careful while selecting a quote. Do not use anything irrelevant or difficult to understand.

Ask a question

This is the best way to engage with readers. When you start your essay with a question, it creates an interest among the readers to answer it or keep on reading to know the answer. Keep it in mind that the question should be something thoughtful rather than a direct one such as “is it really too much to stand by the helpless children in Africa?”

Go controversial

This is a risky idea but it often pays off well. Begin with a controversial statement at the very beginning of your essay that will shock the readers. But don’t overdo it and never say anything that might be too controversial. It should be something like “Most people want sex rather than a relationship”.

Include a short narrative

We love story telling. Since the dawn of civilization, the saga of storytelling has enchanted people and you can also try it to write an attractive essay introduction. Try to use as much detail in your narrative so that the readers can picture the story. Here is a good sample of short narrative.

It was a cold winter in London. I was walking through the city center when I first saw Mita. She was sitting on a bench with a novel on her lap. It was only a few seconds, but it seemed like hours I was gazing at her beauty and finally I decided to stand in front of her and talk.”

Use numbers or statistics

If you know some facts or statistics on your subject matter, you can use them to write a great essay introduction. We are always attracted to big numbers and always pay more attention to them. However, you need to be precise about the numbers and you should never use anything made up. This will simply destroy your credibility if the readers find false data at the very beginning. Try to use short, relevant and meaningful statistics that might interest your readers such as “1300 people get divorced after 1hour of marriage in Las Vegas in a year.”

Use a candid comment or observation about your subject

If you use a candid comment or observation at the beginning of your essay, you will also get attention from your readers. However, you should use comments or observation which the readers can relate to or understand. Here is an example; “I have seen that boys tend to walk slow with the girls they like. I wish I knew this when I was young.”

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