10 Interesting Yet Less Known Facts about UK Universities

UK universities have always been the top choice for international students around the globe. Millions of students come to UK universities for their longstanding reputation, teaching approach and rich culture. But there are few interesting facts about the UK universities that people do not know.

University of London

london universityIt is one of the oldest universities in UK. It went through some historical events along with UK including the WW2. Although London was severely bombed at that time, the University of London was never bombed. It is said that the German bombers intentionally skipped it as Adolf Hitler was planning to use its Senate House as his headquarter in UK.

University of York

york universityUniversity of York is one of the top UK universities in the world and it has thousands of students from both home and abroad. But in addition to students, it also has a huge population of ducks as well. According to statistics, around 14 ducks reside every quarter of an acre on this campus.

Surrey University

surrey universityMany people do not know that Led Zeppelin made their first public performance in the Great Hall, at the original site of Surrey university in Battersea in October 25, 1968.

University of Liverpool

liverpool universityUniversity of Liverpool resides right in the center of jostling Liverpool. But you might still get a glimpse of a ghost in its campus. A number of students have claimed to see the ghost of a patient wondering in the night. Considered the Student Guild of this university was built on a hospital, this legend might be true as well.

Birmingham University

birmingham universityBirmingham University is well known for its old Joe clock. It is considered as a bad luck for students to stand underneath this clock when it chimes. If you do not want to get an “F”, never stay close the clock when it chimes.

University of Cambridge and University of Oxford

uk universitiesThe rivalry between University of Cambridge and University of Oxford is well known to everyone. The students in these two universities refer to each other’s as “the other place” or “the other people” as it is rumored that groups of scholar students set up University of Cambridge who fled from the hostile town people of Oxford in 1209.

Durham University

durham universityDurham University might be situated in a calm setting but it has a happening life out there. It has got the highest rate of inter-student marriage. Around 72% of Durham students get married to their classmates, seniors or juniors. This is definitely a romantic fact.

University of Cambridge

cambridge universityFamous poet Lord Byron, while studying in University of Cambridge kept a bear as his pet. It was a protest to ban pet dogs in the campus although there wasn’t anything mentioned keeping a bear as a pet.

Coventry University

coventry universityIn addition to state of art facilities and structure, you will also find a Sanctified ground in this campus of Coventry University. There is a grass patch near the admin block with a number of tombstones. There used to be a church, before this university was set up and its sanctified ground couldn’t be removed.

University of Edinburgh

edinburgh universityThe oldest student newspaper office is situated right in the University of Edinburgh. It was started by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1887.

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