5 Top Myths on College Admission

college admission mythsGetting admission in your dream college is not that easy. Students, both from home and abroad have to go through lots of hassle so that they can step into the college they wanted in the first place. Things get even worse when students stumble on a few sinister myths. If you are a student looking for admission into a college in USA or UK, you will surely find a few of those. If you believe them, you will simply get confused and eventually you might even give up the zeal to carry on with your admission process. Here are some of those myths on college admission that you must ignore.

Myth 1: Only the Ivy League (Top) colleges ensure success for students

According to Josh Bottomly, Associate Director and college admission expert from the Casady School, it is the most popular myth that you will only get success if you can get admitted in a top tier college. It is true that if a student graduates from any of those top 20 colleges, he might get some preferences in his professional career. But if you take a deeper look, you will see that 43 out of 50 top CEOs in the world didn’t graduate from the top tier or top ranking colleges. Hence, this myth has no base at all.

Myth 2: An attractive admission brochure means acceptance for admission

Many students think that colleges that send their brochures to them are willing to admit them. But this is only an attract-and-reject campaign. Many colleges send out brochures to students to get the highest number of applications and reject majority of them just to improve their ranking or popularity. It is simple math, the more applications they get, the more they can reject.

Myth 3: Submitting application is the last step of admission process

Many students believe that once they have sent their application to the college, they are done with the admission process. If you want to get into your dream college, you need to show them that you are really interested in them. Get in touch with them, visit their campus and keep in touch with them through email, phone or post. You will certainly get a preference in the final selection stage.

Myth 4: Top colleges have more opportunities

This is a complete myth and has no base at all. Though top colleges might have more funding, resources and opportunities, they also have lots of students for competition. On the other hand, small colleges have less students and students here actually get to avail those opportunities.

Myth 5: More application leads to higher chances of success

It is another myth that if a student applies to more top ranking universities, they increase their chances for admission. But in reality, if students can’t meet the minimum entry requirements in the first place, they have no scope for admission. Hence, they should aim for mid-level colleges where they have a strong scope for application. Hence, this myth has no integrity.

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