Next-to-Impossible-to-Read Books for Your Book Report

There is nothing a student dreads more than assigned reading – especially summer reading, eek! The books are almost always printed in the smallest font with plots that should only be found in a graveyard.

No matter how awful the books are, the reading assignments seem to keep piling up. If you’re unlucky enough to be assigned any of the following books, don’t even bother reading them. There’s a reason we have Google.

1. Jane Eyre

mia wasikowska jane eyre

When people tell you they like this book, heads up, they’re lying. Do yourself a favor and use the SparkNotes for this wonderfully boring piece of literature. We don’t think Jane would really care.

2. The Communist Manifesto


According to, this book is one of the top required books at the top rated schools in the United States. Riveting. While Karl Marx also happens to be the most assigned economist in U.S. college classes, his writing is not that enthralling. Unless you’re an economist yourself. Then, maybe.

3. Frankenstein

frankenstein 1931

Ah, the devil is in the details here. With little actual action, this book leaves much to be desired. Why is it such a classic? Because Frankenstein would probably attack us all if it wasn’t. You may think this book would be interesting because it’s a character we all recognize, but do yourself a favor and leave it to Google with this one. Have some fun and grab a Frankenstein comic book instead.

4. Great Expectations

great expectations

Oh, Charles Dickens we expected more of a book with such a title but alas Pip’s story is of no interest. Google has a plethora of information on this book since it’s ALWAYS on required reading lists so save your eyes and the room in your backpack by skipping this “classic” and taking a nap instead.

5. Go Tell It On the Mountain

barney stinson gif

More like go throw it off the mountain; this book that is. While this book may be highly regarded in the literary world, author James Baldwin does little to convince us that this is worth reading. Go climb a mountain, camp on a mountain but please don’t tell it on the mountain.

6. The Great Gatsby

birthday gifs

We actually think this book is one of the good ones – shout out to F. Scott Fitzgerald! BUT if you absolutely hate reading and love a good party, you can watch the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio play the part instead. And let’s face it, LC is never a bad decision.

Forewarned, forearmed! Now you know the books you better google than waste your time on reading and trying to figure out what the hell. Just remember that in this situation the Internet is your best friend.

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