13 Celebrities Who Definitely Need Essay Help

You couldn’t imagine that but the following people are some of the stars who could use help of a real custom essay writer. Surprised? We are too. And these are not just the tweets that a bunch of haters picked up. There are tons of websites that will tell you where each of these celebs stands with their grammar and spelling. The reigning kings of this survey were Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, but that’s probably their ghetto gospel…. We think.

The Huffington Post issued the survey where we found that female celebrities tend to make lesser overall mistakes (grammar and spelling included) than males do.

Also, musicians rank as the worst writers. Hey, everything needs to be poetic. We get it, but can you please not turn your ‘you’re’ into ‘your’?

Oh and get this, how accurate the grammar of a celebrity is has a lot to do with that person’s age. Older stars have fewer mistakes overall than younger ones. But hey, language evolves, and these snazzy looking celebs are already two steps ahead of us.

Celebrities get to stack major moolah for endorsing big companies. The grammar Nazis could not just ignore when that goes into you gon vibe wid dis, and this is so to die!!! *cough kimkardashian cough*. Check these out.

1. Wayne Rooney

If anyone can tell you about their day in 140 characters, it’s this guy. Just hand him the trophy already.


2. Christina Aguilera

Not a name or another number babe, and definitely not a “thing”.


3. Queen Latifah

U’s Cool. U be fiiiine.


4. 50 Cent

If you have to ask Mr. Jackson, you probably cannot afford it.

50 cent

5. Master P

The Church of Master P ya’ll. Hallelujah!

master p

6. Kendall Jenner

Does she mean her?

kendall jenner

7. Wiz Khalifa

Maybe that is because it is occupied by grammar Nazis.

wiz khalifa

8. Alicia Keys

Somebody tweeted about the person who got to meet her friend.

alicia keys

9. Bruno Mars

And if you like smoothies, you know whose crib to be at. Totally get the inspiration behind Uptown Funk, still waiting for the upcoming summer hit single: Stranana.

bruno mars

10. Pitbull


….. We don’t get it.

11. Jessica Alba

Do pick up a copy people…

jessica alba

12. Snoop Dogg

This probably how Snoop Dogg just talks. When you are checking this tweet, do leave a comment below on who tha greatest.

snoop dogg

13. Shaq

….and finally, the undisputed Shaq. Nothing is “gooder” than this. And no, we do not mean better. Why Shaq why, our younger brothers grew up looking up to you.


And there you have it! All the times when celebrities made little bumps in their attempt to fill the 140 character limit with everything that was on their mind. We might struggle typing out the correct words and thinking up what perfectly describes a brand or a person you are ready to give accolades to (Notice that the keyword is MIGHT).

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