5 Cases When Shops Online Can Save You in College

The world of online shopping is getting bigger and bigger each passing day. Actually, it is thriving. As we all are addicted to the Internet, most of us buy odd things every day, forgetting to ask the most important question, “Do I even need it?” All it has to do is to look good, and all we have to do is to click on the button “Add to the Cart” and it is done. The same is for students. While online shopping is a curse for many of us, it is a blessing for the students. They usually end up with the strangest things that are made for good laugh and even are useful at times.

Let’s see some of the craziest things that students have the pleasure of buying through shops online.

1. The Invisible Pen

Some students will do a lot just to pass their exams, except for studying (Nah, they will not do that!) Therefore, they buy such things as invisible pens, which make the words disappear, unless you light them up. So, while the innocent, unsuspecting adults might think that you are really fascinated of your hands, while you are looking at them so carefully, during the exam; but, you might just trying to light the words back to life, so that you can cheat and ace the test.

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2. The Flask Bracelet

Hydrating is very important, especially in the exam hall, when you begin sweating, seeing the first question – to which you do not know the answer. So, you need water. Students are usually prohibited from getting any bottles into the exam hall, but this bracelet helps you drink some water if you are about to faint.

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3. The Speedy Dinner

Students and time are rivals; we know that for sure! Time slows down, when students want it to speed up, and it runs faster than a bullet train, when they want it to slow down. At hectic time, when it is the day your paper due, or tomorrow is an exam, cooking dinner takes a backseat. But, they have to feed themselves to stay alive! So, a microwave pasta cooker is what they need to buy.

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4. The Charging Purse

Technology might have never looked much sweeter than at this particular moment, when students come across the charging purse. This purse charges your devices when the battery is dead.

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5. Eraser Board Mini Fridge

Roommates are thieves, and it is a fact. Hiding your favorite snack from each other is a nightmare. An eraser board mini fridge will not only keep your food cool, but will also give the message of what belongs to whom.

don t share food

6. The Pizza Pouch

There are only a few problems that pizza cannot solve. Hence, it should always be there with you (close to your heart). This pizza-shaped pouch can be hanged around your neck and allows the student to take their pizza slice with them anywhere.

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These things might seem absurdly weird, but once you have them, just see how easier your life will become.

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