Sponsorship Proposal Sample

A sponsorship proposal is a type of essays the purpose of which is to draw the attention of the sponsor to the author’s project. In order to write the attracting, interesting, and eye-catching sponsorship proposal sample, the writer needs to include the information about the idea and a detailed description of the advantageous conditions for the supporter in the work. Moreover, it is vital to provide all the necessary contact details so that the sponsor could communicate with the author.

sponsorshipDear Mr. Nickolson,

The theater workshop of the Cambridge University invites you to be our supporter and sponsor. We are one of the oldest university theater clubs in the country and we have the extensive experience in the productions of many scenarios. Our team has a number of awards because we try to participate in all competitions and theater festivals that exist at the moment. Moreover, we have a good reputation of volunteering and our staff often helps children from the low-income families. Every month, our personnel strives to create a charity concert for the people who do not have the opportunity to go to the theater. We collect donations on such plays and send money to children’s homes and hospitals. In addition to helping others, we take care of all members of our team. Classes in the theater help students to learn themselves better and to cope with their fears. Many players of our club become professional actors after graduation.

Unfortunately, to stage a play we have to spend a lot of efforts and money, otherwise, it will look ugly, and the viewer will be displeased. At the moment, our theater survives because of the little support of the university and our own contributions. Nonetheless, we are developing and it is not enough for our club’s functioning. This is the main reason why we ask for your support. In our opinion, it is possible that you will be interested in our offer if you learn about our main goals and opportunities.

We have three main objectives that are to stage a play for poor people three times a month, to buy the rights to show the well-known modern performances every three months, and to pay for training courses for technical staff of the scene. The first goal may cost you about 1000$ monthly. Money may be spent on the props, costumes, and technical workers wages. In addition, we need some money to rent a bus for school children from the orphanage. The second goal has a price of 2000$ quarterly. Wherein, you will choose pieces for the repertoire with us so you will be able to influence our work directly. 3000$ half-yearly is the opportunity for you to help us with the third goal. We will find professional courses for members of our team, and it will eliminate the need to hire people.

In addition to the foregoing, there are several privileges that may interest you:

  • your name will be on all our posters;
  • we will do all donations on your behalf;
  • your family and you will be able to visit all performances free of charge.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.
Best Regards,
The Theater Workshop of the Cambridge University

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