Motivation 2.0: How Writing Research Papers on Homelessness Won’t Ever Let You Give up

As fascinating as the topic of this article sounds, homelessness is not a pleasant experience. And definitely you wouldn’t like to jump in the river and experience it for yourself, just to have a say.

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”

Yes, but not always! These dialogues only seem appealing in episodes of Game of Thrones.

There is a better way to know all about being homeless without actually plunging into the experience – writing a research paper on the subject. And once you start writing one, you start appreciating the lessons that come with it.

Never Spend on the Un-Wanted

Since you have already opened your chrome browser, we can assume that you would have come across myriads of statistics by now about how homelessness affects millions in the US. Reading through the experiences, the one common thing that you would have observed, which kicked things into gear for them, was their habit of being reckless with their spending. So for a starter, do not spend money on things you don’t need.

You ask how to differentiate between your needs and your wants?

Did you come across the technique, “cool off period”, while conducting your research? Yeah, the same one which says that whenever you are in such confusion, postpone your decision for a month or so. If you still have the same urge to pursue that purchase, it is your need rather than your want.

By the way you don’t have to go without food for a month; you can use that much common sense.


Save Those Coins

This second lesson is interlinked with your first: Never spend on the unwanted and SAVE UP FOR THE FUTURE! After all, it’s your present savings that come in handy for uninvited future circumstances that can take you by surprise.

Do remember to get a watchdog for your piggy bank though. Saving for future while sacrificing your present isn’t a good idea if you don’t ever get to spend what you saved.


Study Hard

Halfway through your research paper you must be surprised at how people struggled off to keep up with their finances and eventually went homeless, the moment they lost their main job. Others kept on piling up the debts and hardly ever got themselves a decent earning.

What was common amongst these two groups?

Lack of alternatives!

Yes it’s great to do what you love, be it acting or sports, but having a backup is crucial. And this is where education comes in handy. Good education won’t only help you get a better job but it would also provide you with the alternatives in case you lose your mainstream one.

“But Bill Gates was a college dropout, man!”

Yeah, but not other thousands who work under him.


Work Your Way out

A glaring percentage of people currently homeless in the US have no jobs or are struggling to afford a home for themselves with a limited pay. When they complain about the system, matter of fact is they just don’t want to work their way out. Even selling a newspaper in the US can help you earn from 55 cents to $1 on every paper. Opportunities are plenty; it’s you who should be willing to work hard.

Unless you are Bruce Wayne, who can enjoy the inherited luxuries.

way out

Go Hard

Do you remember when the reference of Tyler Perry was cited, while you were trying to learn more and more about homelessness?

Yes, this is no joke but Tyler Perry, one of the best paid men in entertainment, was homeless at a time. What did he do? He did not give up and reformed his fortunes by working day and night. It took him years to get where he is now just by his sheer will and hard work.

Pity if your steadfastness could only pay off in the casinos.

go hard

Whenever you are tired and annoyed by the load of work you need to do, and you want to quit everything, read your research paper on homelessness. Be the enlightened Buddha!

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