How NOT to Lose Any Sleep over Your Research Paper Format

Writing an essay for a college application, an academic paper or your MBA research proposal can sometimes become really hard – “How to write my research paper successfully?” The research paper format often becomes one of the most dreaded tasks for a student. Writing any academic paper is a lengthy project and requires time and the person’s complete dedication. Sleepless nights, too many mugs of coffee, and zombie eyes are some of the things all students are familiar with.

So, if reading the above intro has made you realize that you are amongst those students then you need to find a way not to lose sleep over any of your academic papers. Following are the steps that will help you break your research paper into parts so writing it does not seem like a difficult chore anymore.

Creating a Mind Map That Has All Your Ideas

mind map

Once you have chosen your topic, divide your workload into parts. If you want to write the perfect paper, gather and organize your ideas and thoughts first. Think about all the points you need to add into your paper and jot them down.

Putting down everything on paper will help you create links and connections between the ideas. This will assist you in organizing and prioritizing the topic areas that need further research. Just write your topic in the middle of the paper and draw branching lines from it for the ideas.

Using Online Citation Generator for Citations

online citation generator

Referencing material online can become quite difficult. With so many websites and their abundant information, it is hard to pick out the right material. Most students research manually online while few use a citation generator.

A citation generator may or may not be time consuming. It all depends on the information you have. Meaning, it is quite simple: all you have to do is add the book title, author’s name, year of publication and source. You can dig further by even adding the page number or annotations. There are many citation generators online, ranging from basic to complex depending on the details needed to generate a citation.

Asking Your Friends for Proofreading


Asking your friends to proofread is one of the best ways to ensure that your paper is good and free of errors. This is because they will be able to spot errors and mistakes that you may have overlooked, as well as offer constructive criticism

Hiring a Proof Reader

proof reader

Proofreading is not just catching grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. A proof reader for hire will have the knowledge to notice if there are any inconsistencies in your writing style or narrative. Sometimes, while writing, people deviate from the subject and write material that is in no relation to the topic.

As the last stage of writing a paper, do not look at it as an optional phase because small mistakes can have the biggest impact. After proofreading, review your research paper, its premises, argument, and citations before submitting the final draft.

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