How Money Making Wood Projects Can Change Your Life at College?

Being at college and still having no worries of the long list of your expenses (mostly being unnecessary) is an experience only the lucky few have. Perhaps if you are born with a golden spoon, to a multi-millionaire family, then your life at college will surely be the one every student looks up to.

Okay enough of the dreaming now! Let’s look at the other side of the picture – you are not the golden spoon kid and actually a broke student with empty pockets. We know it feels heart breaking and you must have been sulking all this time. But c’mon, life doesn’t end with an empty wallet and you must NOT give up!

So what will make you a Richie Rich again? Urmm… how about the money making wood projects? They will actually make money for you. Mark our words! This wood business will totally save you, taking you out of the poverty-stricken life. Taadaa… problem solved!

Engaging in woodworking, you will:

1. Get Closer to Nature

Imagine how perfect it would be to make money and get closer to nature at the same time? You don’t even know how lucky you are! Visiting a forest, surrounded by wood and tree trunks, woodworking will certainly make you divulge to the tranquility of nature. But wait, there’s a loophole in this surreal picture! You actually need to kill the nature (we mean the trees) in order to get close to it. You have to cut those logs of wood to complete your woodworking after all!


2. Stay up Late Making Ordered Wooden Tables and Chairs

Since you are going through the most crucial days of your college life, you must be hell bent in doing all the research work and thesis, with writing those essays and research papers. But guess what? Once start with woodworking projects, you will be staying up late for making the wooden chairs and tables ordered by your customers. Sounds fun, no?


3. Meet New People and Get to Know Them Better

We totally understand that working on wood projects alongside studying to the utmost capacity of your brain is no mean feat! But this money making mill (your wood business) will help you meet new people; you will get to know something about them while telling them something about you. This get-together will happen especially when you won’t be able to deliver your wood order on time because you have another order, this time from your teachers – your class assignment! You have to submit the assignment tomorrow, and just then, your client tells you to speed up (in a polite way, for sure). Have you already thought of a backup plan?

new people

4. Build up Your Muscles and Become a Sexy Lumberjack

How about money making joining hands with body building? Woodworking will not only fill your pockets but build your 6-packs as well, allowing you to develop a glamorous physique. You can become a hot looking lumberjack and impress those lovelies in your college. What more could you ask for? Just in your dreams!


5. Earn Money to Spend Them even on More Wood

Your customers are also students just like you (broke, maybe!), and they usually don’t have much money. You being a softie at heart, probably won’t charge your college fellows that much, and the money earned from the wood projects will be spent again on more wood. No worries, keep going, earn more money and earn it passionately!

earning money

The fact of the matter is that woodworking actually has many advantages, but only for those who take the business seriously. Wood projects will do wonders for you if you feel that you are capable of balancing your studies and this money making leisure pursuit well! Find those who are begging, “do my project please” and make money earned by the sweat of brow!

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