How You Should Actually Write a Motivation Case Study (Uncensored)

Ding ding ding ding ding!!! It’s time to get off your lazy ass and get down to writing some shit. What’s that? You don’t want to!! Well, boo hoo! If you want to see the light of the day, you better do as we command. No seriously, just do it! It’s for your own good. Student life can really be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially during the final few days of the semester when the dreaded exams are right around the corner and report submissions are piling up to add more insult to injury. Writing a motivation case study is not simple, especially when you yourself lack the motivation – “I don’t want to write my case study”. But, this is life; deal with it. Alright then, enough with the pep talk. Let’s get down to business shall we!

Stalk People in their Natural Habitat

When you are the worst candidate to talk about motivation, your best bet should be to look at other people in your circles. Become a socialite for a change and observe how your friends, family and acquaintances motivate themselves to get things done in life. If you are a loner, stalk people but just make sure you don’t get spotted because that might result in you being called certain names if you can catch my drift!

natural habitat

Tell Your Mom to Talk Some Sense into You

Moms are the best motivational tools when it comes to helping you get your act together or rip you apart by the constant abuses and de-motivating slurs they hurl at you if you go to them with your petty issues. Hey, there are 2 sides to every coin! If your mom fits the former description, she can help you channel your inner chi and bring out the greatness in you.


Work to Your Jam

Nothing works better than listening to your favorite melodies to clear your head of all the miseries and hardships life has provided you with. Listening to the right music can help your creative side shine bright like a diamond and can even improve your efficiency while working on something as boring as writing an academic paper.


Disconnect Yourself from the Outside World

Once in a while, it’s best to bless your friends and family with the rare instance of not being a nuisance in their lives or better yet, prank them into thinking you have been kidnapped or better yet, killed! Many people prefer working in complete silence in a room with nothing more than their essentials they require for getting their work done. So, do not hesitate to flip the switch off on your social life for a brief period.

disconnecting from world

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself tricks the mind into accomplishing tasks on time in anticipation of a worthwhile sacrifice of your precious time which you could have spent doing the things you love. Setting up a date, rewarding yourself with a hearty meal from the lavish restaurant down by the shore or even reminding yourself of the impending payday can do wonders to improve your productivity.

On a serious note, I would just like to summarize what Maslow bestowed us with by sharing his knowledge. You have to believe in yourself to be the person you want to be. The road is tough but not impossible to tread on. Happy writing!

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