5 Thrilling Ways to Hunt for the Necessary Motivation for Dissertation

Are you in the senior year of college and it’s about time that you started writing your dissertation, but you lack the necessary motivation? The motivation for dissertation can be triggered though anything, simply anything! (if you know where to look). But first of all, you need a peaceful mind to help you concentrate on this most important task at hand. This will make things easier as concentration gives birth to motivation. You can never concentrate on your dissertations at noisy places, can you? We guess not! You definitely need a peaceful atmosphere without any distractions to concentrate on your work, and the motivation will come automatically!

So if you are tired of constantly screaming write it! Write it! To yourself and still can’t do it. You need some serious motivation man! That’s why we are here with 5 of the most thrilling ways to get you back on the right track. So let’s get started!

1. Go and Live in the Forest

When it comes to getting motivated in serenity, nothing can beat the tranquility of a forest. Yes you heard it right, a forest! So why don’t you try living in a forest for a while, till you complete your dissertations? Or you could try the nearby woods. Opting for a forest may sound strange but it will be the most thrilling adventure to tell your kids about. Look at some other benefits as well apart from the story telling, while living in a forest you will get an ample amount of time and no distractions at all, except the chattering of birds. Now c’mon, you can’t tell them to shut up! Plus it’s like soothing music to your ears. Your forest life won’t dent your pockets either, as you don’t need those flashy attires and fancy shoes to walk through the forest; your old worn-out sneakers would do just as well.


2. Apply for a Job in the Supermarket

If nature has failed to provide you with enough motivation, then what do you think about working in a supermarket? Try finding a job at the supermarket as the trolley guy, the guy who stacks up items in the shelves, the cash counter boy or may be a manager? Yeah that sounds better! Over the course of your job at the supermarket you are most likely to experience two benefits, first your will get to meet various people. Maybe some of them can help you get motivated or assist you in the dissertation writing, professional writers do visit supermarkets, after all! Second, after working there for few days you will finally realize “What the hell am I doing here? I should be writing my dissertation right now. If I don’t get my degree, I’ll have to stay here for life!” It doesn’t paint a very successful picture of your future life, does it?


3. Spend all the Money You Have to Become Literally Broke

Does going broke sound thrilling to you? Oh, it does to us! Since you are trying every possible thrilling way to kick start that motivation in you, then why not spend all your money and go broke! We agree that being broke will neither let you enjoy good food nor let you go somewhere (You don’t have a single penny, remember?) But that’s the trick! You won’t be able to enjoy your life without money and your one and only option will be writing the dissertation, get the degree and earn some money all over again.


4. Live on the Street for a While

If living in a forest didn’t work, living on the street just might! So, if you actually did decide to go bankrupt, try living your life the same way. Yes, broke people tend to live on the streets! Live a street life for a while, who knows you may find motivation in any of the passersby.

living on the street

5. Start Reading Marcel Proust and Decide That You’d Better Be Writing Your Dissertation

And if nothing of the above works, we have one last way to inject those motivational germs inside you. Try reading the motivational quotes and writings of the famous French novelist Marcel Proust. His class-apart essays and novels might influence you to get up and write your own dissertation that will be nothing less than a masterpiece!


Just in case these 5 thrilling ways couldn’t pack a punch in you to start writing your dissertation, then ask yourself a question, ‘what is wrong with me and why am I beating about the bush for writing a mere dissertation?’ Who knows this self-analysis could become the ultimate motivator!

If it doesn’t help, feel free to buy dissertation from us. Usually, it may happen that the lack of motivation is caused by the lack of knowledge and skills. Get them from our experts!

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