The Autumn Dumpiness: 5 Health Care Activities to Pull Yourself Together

Oh yes, the great season of fall has arrived which means you’re very likely to face the great feeling of depression with the coming season. It’s completely normal to feel that way though, it’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and often affects many people. It’s usually the feeling of being overburdened and exhausted with life that seeps in as the trees turn orange and ready to shed away.

Be warned, you’ll probably also want to go into hibernation until spring, but you need to power through it! If you don’t, it’ll come in between your health care and that will simply make matters worse.

autumn leaves falling animated

POWER THROUGH! Autumn doesn’t last long and that means your SAD phase wouldn’t either. However, just saying that wouldn’t help, here are a few things that would:

Tip #1: Be a Morning Person

The days are already getting darker as well as shorter which means you won’t get access to much sunlight. You need to make sure you start waking up in the morning since the early morning sunlight is said to reset your body clock and effectively fight SAD.

morning sunshine

Tip #2: Throw out Your Black

It’s not just black clothing that you need to get rid of but any other dark colored clothing. Wearing brightly colored clothing, bed sheet, and even foods are actually known to brighten up your mood so give this a shot, and you’ll feel the autumn blues slowly fade away.


Tip #3: Brighten Yourself Up

Not just in the sense of clothing colors, you need to start by naturally finding happiness. Take a break and look through funny comics, dance in your pajamas, chill out with your friends and have a ball of the time. That’s basically what autumn is all about anyway!

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Tip #4: Vitamin D Is the Way to Go

Another thing that you can do to ensure you don’t get a case of SAD is to make sure you get a good amount of vitamin D. Since autumn is a dark season, you’ll be more in the risk of dealing with SAD so make sure you have an intake of this vitamin.


Tip #5: Remember to Breathe

Hard to believe, but in your struggle to simply get by the day, you tend to alter your breathing which can result in even more problems. Remember to take a few minutes out and simply breathe. This will be super beneficial for you, and you’ll see the uplift in your mood in no time! Remember, pent-up emotions are bad, and they’ll only mess you up further.


Remember, all these tips along with a good routine will only help you get rid of SAD and make you feel better. Now that it’s autumn, you don’t even have to do much to make yourself feel better, the weather is pleasant which mean you can curl up with a hot beverage and watch some movie, and you’ll feel yourself relax away!

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