15 Crazy Father Day Presents Your Daddy Will Be Happy With

Shopping for Father’s day? Oh wow, speak about excitement! But wait, it’s actually a good thing. For starters, you’ll have more time to sift through gifts and find the perfect present for your dad, you could just give the present at any random day and surprise him! After all, there really isn’t any need to specify a particular day for him, all you need to give a good present and show him how much he means to you which means, getting perfect father day presents.


  1. Calf Socks
  2. Remember when he pranked your birthdays with silly gifts? How about you do the same? But in this case, he might end up liking it. On the brighter side, you’ll make room for more “dad jokes” so don’t forget to get all geared up before you go!


  3. Golf Balls
  4. Oh c’mon! Which dad isn’t impressed by golf equipment? Similarly, golf balls will definitely be a great present. Want to go all out? Customize it! Don’t simply engrave his name on it, go all out and write or draw up something you both can relate to.

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  5. Golf Trunk Organizer
  6. Hold up! Why are you only thinking about gold balls when you could opt for something much cooler? A golf trunk organizer is perfect for your dad especially since he’ll be able to organize his equipment.

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  7. Perpetual Calendars
  8. Dads are usually old-school, but that’s why you should show him exactly what the modern world has to offer. With perpetual calendars, your dad will never need to buy a new calendar again, and it is also a cool office accessory!


  9. Sriracha Package
  10. How about sending your dad on a vacation with mom and a keychain of Sriracha sauce and ask him to “put a little spice to his life”? That’ll definitely get him roaring with a huge line of new dad jokes!

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  11. Virtual Glasses
  12. Give your dad a little more insight on what the new era has got. Oh yes, with these babies, he wouldn’t complain about needing a vacation ever! You’ll be the best amongst all your siblings!

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  13. Wall Art
  14. Art pieces do a good job conveying a message and by gifting him a wall art, you’ll know you’re always remembered whenever he looks at the artwork.


  15. Entertainment Beverage Tub
  16. If there’s one thing that dads love the most, it’s barbeques so why not give him something that’ll be perfect for his next barbeque? A classy entertainment beverage tub can come to many uses, and there’s really no denying how much he’ll appreciate it!

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  17. Leather Match and Storage Box
  18. Dad’s are often very organized, and this will help feed that part about him. A leather box used to store the wallets, keys, and even matchboxes for his cigarettes would really come in handy!

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  19. Awkward Family Photos
  20. Usually, you opt for something memorable, but how about give him and the whole family something to laugh about? Awkward family photos framed in a classy frame will be just the light everyone needs!

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  21. Beer Holster
  22. Just the right way to feed your dad’s love for alcohol! A beer holster will definitely become your dad’s new best friend!

  23. Inflatable Moose Taxidermy
  24. Your dad’s man cave definitely needs a more manly touch and this is it…with a touch of fun, of course. Don’t worry, he’ll love it!

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  25. Batman Apron
  26. Is your dad into cooking? If not, then this would definitely make him go into the kitchen, and your mom will really appreciate it too!

  27. Men’s Plush Robe
  28. Make your dad feel like royalty, and he’s going to appreciate you for a very long time. A plush robe is a perfect way to do that and help him get the comfort he needs. Beware, your mom is probably going to fume up for feeding his desire to stay on the couch all day!


  29. Mug Warmer
  30. There’s nothing like a good mug warmer to keep his drinks warm for a long time! That along with an engraved mug will be a perfect present.

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    Remember, your dad needs to feel like he’s special, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t put a little humor into it. After all, you did grow up listening to his dad jokes!

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