5 Most Insane Reasons You Think You Need Help Writing Personal Statement

Writing your own personal statement may be one of the most difficult jobs that a student has to face right as they take a step into their adult life. Our personal statement writing service faces a lot of such requests. But since it’s the age of technology, most students decide to completely give up on the use of their noggins and rely on technology when they need help writing a personal statement! The trouble is that, with technology, your statement loses the element of personal thought.

However, when it comes to understanding the student mind, no one can really understand what goes on in there. Therefore, if you’re one of the people who avoid writing personal statements just because you can’t, it’s okay. Just take a deep breath and let yourself do it. After all, people come up with the craziest reasons to turn to technology!

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  • Procrastination

You know how no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively, undoubtedly cannot work? Or maybe you just get distracted very easily like… “Oh maybe if I doodle, I can concentrate better”, but be warned, this is how the process of procrastination starts. Before you know it, you’re sitting in your room, wiping your tears with the same piece of paper you were supposed to submit a week ago!

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  • Writer’s Block!

If you suffer from writer’s block, then, don’t worry, a little motivation will make it go away. However, most students tend to face writer’s block 365 days a year because they never really wrote a word in their life. Well, that’s exaggerated, but it’s pretty much true! Just because you’re out of ideas of what to write doesn’t mean it’s the end of the word. It’s called Googling- Look into it! You’d be surprised how easily you’ll be able to write after a little research!

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  • “How Do We Even Write This Thing?!”

Ah yes, the classic, “I don’t know the format, thus, I shall not write” stance. Well, in that case, you’re just going to end up relying on everybody else in your life! This is actually one of the reasons given by students! You’d think the age of technology would make them good with research, but no! Laziness is a power with much greater hold!


  • “Destiny Is Denying Me the Opportunity”

You know how every time you sit down to work, and suddenly, something goes wrong? It’s not destiny telling you to not write the statement, it’s your timing and priority that’s taking up all your focus. This is actually one of the most common reasons students tend to turn towards a helper and hey! If you think it’s true, then, you need a little reality check!

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  • “I’ll Feel Like a Failure”

Ah, yes! The classical, ‘no blessings to count’ comes into play here. Yes, there’s absolutely no dying how students often feel depressed while writing the personal statement, but it’s better when it’s taken to a new page of your life. Just describe who you are and let it go further from there!

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Have to found your reason here? Mind that these are quite fake reasons, and if you need help because of them, it means you are just lazy! Do your best to overcome your particular reason and present your best self in writing.

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