7 Criteria for Choosing a Thesis Supervisor

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Choosing the most suitable thesis supervisor is a very important decision for the successful completion of the paper. So, here comes the moment when you must pick the most competent individual… In some programs, supervisors are assigned by the faculty, which means the student has nothing to say about it. The basic reason for such policy is to make sure that the workload is properly distributed all over the members of the faculty. However, some faculties tend to provide the students with an opportunity to select the thesis supervisor on their own. While some of the supervisors are wonderful tutors and attract college students, the others make freshmen and graduates tremble with fear. And your task is to give preference to the supervisor that you will be pleased to collaborate with.

The whole point about choosing a knowledgeable thesis supervisor is that he / she can save you many long hours by quickly identifying the basic resources, concepts or issues. The expert in this area can guarantee the quality control which means you will be 100% satisfied with the final product.

The number one criterion for picking a reliable thesis supervisor is the availability of the professor. Is the person you give your preference to will be on campus when you need him / her or the other commitments may take the supervisor away? How many graduates the professor has taken for the same period of time? One should discover that for some of the college professors may be unavailable.

One of the top 7 criteria for picking the thesis supervisor is the professor’s style, standards and personality. Make sure to get in touch with the other graduates, colleagues and instructors to get a feedback on the potential supervisor. But remember that an advisor, who appears to be a real genius for one student, may be a complete disaster for the other. In other words, one should make certain that the professor’s standards and style are compatible with his / her own.

Proceeding to the next criterion, one should mention personal experience with the chosen person. Have you taken any courses from the thesis supervisor? The point is that direct personal experience with some other project is an opportunity to find out what it is like to collaborate with this very individual. It is highly important to be cautious, and never sign on the first instructor you see without exploring all the required options.

How about a track record? How many successful projects or theses has this supervisor already worked on? Were the students 100% satisfied with the supervision in general? It is recommended to publishing record of the specialist.

One of the most exceptional sources for information regarding the potential supervisor is the Curriculum Vitae. Apart from listing all the degrees, previous courses and work history of the supervisor, the CV usually involves some information on the projects serviced before. All the topics that were previously supervised will provide you with an idea of how much experience the individual had.

An important step one must take to choose the most suitable professor is to review a sample of the published work. Do you find his / her ideas appealing and even interesting? Is his / her research credible and well reasoned? Would you like to be known as this professor’s protégé or student? And finally, make several appointments to meet. Make sure to talk to some of the personnel members before making your final choice. This is required to ensure that the area of expertise of the potential supervisor can contribute to your paper.

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