7 TV Shows That Prove You Need to Have Assignments Done for You

TV shows are great! They pull you in the fictional world of the story and make you fall in love with the characters so much that you start shipping couples like nobody’s business. But being a part of fandom and biting your nails on an unexpected twist in the story doesn’t mean that you don’t notice one very specific thing which is common in all these amazing TV shows.

The succinct lack of homework and assignments that make you want to scratch your head. How are they getting acceptance letters from Ivy League schools, when they spend all their time partying and solving mysteries or saving the world? Ah! The carefree life of a TV character! If they only knew that our teachers can turn into real monsters when we don’t submit our assignments.

These are some of the TV series, which are not only cult favorites, but prove that you don’t need to spend all your time doing your assignments. And why should you, when you can get help with doing them.

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1. The Vampire Diaries

Alright, if you pay attention to things other than Damon’s dreamy, piercing blue gaze, you will realize that even before Stephan and Damon got there, and brought a world of magic and mysticism with them, Elena and the others from her exclusive gang were only seen carting the books around. Because who needs to do assignments and homework when you can get help? And when someone judges you for that.

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2. Gossip Girl

Who doesn’t covet the wardrobe of Selena and Blair? Combine that with the lethal relationships and juicy plots and you have got yourself a perfect dramatic serial. And who has time to study and improve their grades when they can date princes and shop at Chanel whenever they want! So when someone asks you if you have started your assignment yet, you are like.


3. Teen Wolf

When there is a new episode of teen wolf on and you have to write a paper.


This is not fair! Scott and Stiles get to do all those cool things and here you are stuck in your room, wishing you might turn into a werewolf at the next full moon.

4. Little Pretty Liars

The mystery surrounding Allison must have gripped you from the start and even though Spencer reads all those cool books, all they seem to do is worry about what secrets A might share with the world and who might get hurt in the process. Seriously, have you ever seen them study for a test or actually do an assignment?

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5. Smallville

Superman doesn’t do homework. I mean just imagine him completing assignments before resuming his fight with General Zod.

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So yeah, he definitely got his homework and assignments done for him.

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who has time to do assignments when you are the chosen vampire slayer whose destiny is to save human race from the outbreak of vampires.

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We get that Buffy had things to do but what about other people of her school. Where were their assignments?

7. Skins

Who has time for assignments amid the clashes, upending relationships, a dysfunctional family drama and bullying? On top of that, if they had to do their assignments too.

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So why not live your high school life to max and have fun? Besides, life is much brighter if you decide to get your assignments done for you. Take your nose out of the books and look around you. Life really is great if you decide to live it. So feel free to ask us, “do my assignment” and enjoy your student life to the fullest extent!

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