Who Is Better at Providing Help with Writing a Paper on Relations: Men vs. Women

Let’s assume that you were asked to write a paper on ‘gasp’ relations. The idea is not very far-fetched, as it is one of the most frequent themes that students have to write about. So why so much dread over the particular topic, you might wonder? In this case, the question arises: ‘Whom to ask for help with writing a paper on relations?’

That’s because despite being involved in various relationships – or not – the college students do not consider themselves experts on the subject. Matter of fact, not even old people consider themselves authorities on the subject. But it’s alright, relations are a tricky part of human existence. It leads to another conundrum and to the question of whom? Man vs. women, who suits better to academic writing? Or is there even a difference? Let’s find it out.

Men as Academic Writers

  • Sure, men can focus much more than women. A male brain utilizes much more gray matter than female and can concentrate on a task so intently that it becomes oblivious to the world around them. A tunnel vision like that can only result in a masterpiece and nothing less.
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  • Male brain shows some proof that they can be smart. Their IQ levels go from extremely high to extremely low, and when men with high scale of intelligence level try their hand at writing, they sure can surpass the best female writers.
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  • Men, in general, have better perceptions and insights into matters. They can look at a situation by detaching themselves from all emotions whereas women are struck with their strong emotions.
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Women as Academic Writers

  • Women feel emotions far more intensely than men do and they don’t hesitate to show it. It means that when they write, they make sure that feelings are described more elaborately than a male writer would ever care to mention. That is why when it comes to novels, female writers make the world swoon with their strong affective scripts. Case in point is Jane Austen and The Brontë Sisters.
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  • If you are looking for some highly developed vocabulary, then female writers will be more beneficial – science says that the brain area that influences language skills is slightly larger in women than in men. Hence, better language usage.
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  • Women tend to use both sides of their brain more actively. This means they look at logical explanations of things as well as follow their intuitions. And as far as intuition is concerned, it will only take a fair amount of courage to challenge that.
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It is considerably difficult to decide who would make a better academic writer when it comes to writing on topics of relations. When it comes to relations, women let their hearts lead and are more likely to write about it keeping emotions in mind, men, on the other hand, are more perceptive and prefer actions rather than words. The only conclusion we can come to is that a better academic writer on relations will be the one who has been fairly successful in relations in their real life. Because when there is J.K Rowling, there is also Stephen King.

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