5 People That Are Sure to Agree to Your “Write My Essay” Plea

So you have an essay that you absolutely don’t want to write and/or you have zero time to do it. You start going through your contacts to see who owes you favors and who wouldn’t be opposed to writing an essay on short notice. You need it to be believable because you know almost 50,000 university students have been caught plagiarizing over the past three years (and that’s just in the UK). You don’t want to be another statistic, but you do need a good grade and a solid person to get the job done. Here are 5 people who will surely give in to your cries for essay writing help.

The Dude Who Copied Your Lab Ages Ago

Like, back in middle school. But, hey, a favor is a favor no matter the date, right? No expirations! Plus, if the said dude was bad at science chances are he’s better at writing and can totally help you out now. Right? Right.

Your Friend Who “Stayed over” at Your House

stayed over friend
We all have this friend. Chances are you’ve even been this friend at one point or another. But Becky does this ALL the time: she tells her parents that she “stays over” at your place and goes partying all night. She totally owes you for covering after all these years. If only her parents really knew what she was up to, the girl would never be able to set foot on a college campus! The least she owes you is this little, teeny 15-page essay favor.

The Dude Who Farted but Everybody Thought It Was You

Well, that was embarrassing. But that moment has passed and now you can totally get a sweet essay out of it! Thanks, Frank!

Someone Who Is Crazy in Love with You from the 1st Grade

escape al vacio
It’s not a mutual attraction but this love sure comes in handy now! And you’re totally not using this person; you’re really giving them a gift! You’re talking to them! You need their help! They can finally be your person and you love that.

Your Mom because She Loves You Unconditionally

You’ve given her the ultimate joy of being a mom, the least she can do is write an essay for you. Plus, anything you can do she can do better so she may as well just deliver an “A” and ensure your ultimate path to greatness. Thanks, mommy!

So, here is your contact list in case you have a “write my essay” trouble. Two or three calls and you’ll find your savior!

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