5 Stages of Loss and Grief When You Need to Write an Essay

We’ve all been there. Just trying to go about living the college life – parties and naps and snacks and naps – when some wonderful professor decides to assign you an essay. As if they don’t know our schedules are already jam packed with the aforementioned “activities”. Whether you’re given a two-week notice or just two days, the pain is the same. The insufferable loss of time that could – and should – be spent definitely not writing an essay, and the grief of knowing there’s no way out of it. Let’s go through all the stages of loss and grief that you feel during the need to write an essay:

1. Denial and Isolation

There’s no way this assignment is real, right? Just the professor playing a silly joke. You think it’s April Fool’s Day. Wait…it’s October. You need to start planning your Halloween costume. Might as well do that now since you have absolutely nothing else to do!

2. Anger

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Your fury is unmatched at this point; you find yourself yelling at your toaster and complete strangers. “MOVE OUT OF MY WAY, MY TOASTER BURNED MY TOAST THIS MORNING AND EVERYTHING IS AWFUL!” The nerve of that professor to assign you an essay is unbelievable.

3. Bargaining

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You bargain with yourself by procrastinating and estimating the time you need to write the essay or you bargain with your professor to allow for more time to complete the assignment. You will literally do anything. “I’ll write three essays in the future but I just really can’t write this one right now because my nap schedule is just so overwhelming; I’m sure you understand.”

4. Depression

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You feel utter sadness and regret that you haven’t started the essay earlier when the professor specifically said not to procrastinate on this assignment. And now Sarah, John, Alexa, Tony, Rob and Jim are going to the game and you’re stuck at the library — the last place anyone should have to step foot in on a college campus, right!?

5. Acceptance

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College isn’t all about parties and socializing and napping…unfortunately. You buckle down and just knock out the essay so you can get back to the important things. The things you actually went to college for. Like decorating your dorm and going to football games. Take that, professor!

So, what stage are you in? Do you still feel sad or have you already accepted the fact? Whatever your answer will be, you have definitely felt this way before. But everybody goes through this and if you have such a problem right now, relax! You’ll definitely sort it out.

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