Turn Sound off: What Can Betray You at Online Assignment Writing Websites

Not all of us are James Bond or Jason Bourne; we are just poor frightened students who are trying to be really careful when ordering papers online. It is not only teachers that we have to worry about; we have to be careful around everyone to avoid getting caught. There are family members who can catch us, roommates who can be on to us, classmates who might see us being too shady or just a random person who is well aware of online assignment writing themselves and would enjoy watching you live in fear.

Once you have put a lid on being too jumpy, you can move on to the next mode of defense – turning off all the sounds. Here’s a list of tricky sounds that can betray you:

Online Assistant

They are just trying to be helpful, we get it; but as soon as you open an online assignment writing website, a message pops up, followed by an unmistakable ping sound. Now if you are sitting with a very nosy, very curious friend, then they won’t hesitate to sneak a peek on your laptop and see what you are up to and from there, it can go downhill. This teeny tiny sound can betray you and crumble the house of cards that you have built so carefully within minutes.

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Money Transfer

Since online writing services are not brick and mortar establishments, their standard methods of payment are through money transfer. When your transfer is successfully completed, the web is generous enough to inform you with a notification, usually followed by a sound. Students who mostly dwell in money transfer will recognize this unmistakable sound and the next thing you know; they are scrunching their eyes and peering into your laptop to see your latest purchase.

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Email Received or Sent

Most online assignment writing services communicate through email and we all have this bad habit of forgetting to sign-out and leaving our laptop open. You could imagine what will happen if you just leave your laptop to get a cup of coffee and leave your email open. No one nearby would be able to resist the temptation to see what the email is about. If these people happen to be your siblings or your archenemies, then you are definitely in trouble.

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If you are a regular user of the online writing services and have completed more than a few payments, then the website will notify you when you are logged in. This notification will make a sound, often a very high-pitched and irritating one, and will turn several heads at once. Some of these heads will come along with their bodies to check out the reason for this sound.



Some online writing services ping you when they are done with the assignment. It is often in the form of an alert to inform you that the task has been completed. If your text-to-speech option is turned on, then not only you, but everyone else in the room will know your prepared essay has been delivered.

turning head

If you are going to get your essay written by an online writing website, then use some extra time to turn off all the sounds. Don’t hesitate to ask us, “do my assignment!”

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