5 ‘Boo’ Products to Eat When You Need Essay Written for Yesterday

Healthy eating and healthy habits are all the rage for this century and students are not safe from it either. There is always a classmate, a roommate, or someone in the dorm rooms who is all about fruit, vegetables, baked goodness and fresh natural drinks. And these people always trigger this guilty feeling that forces us to question our lifestyle choices. Comically enough, this feeling flees as fast as it has appeared and we are back on junk food that has no equal in the world.

Ironically, this junk food can be quite helpful when we need an essay written on time.

1. Desserts

Desserts are tasty and a treat for your eyes that have seen nothing but books, papers, and assignments for the last couple of months, or even years. It goes without saying that when a student is given a dessert, there’s no turning it down. Incidentally, desserts have sugar and when sugar is consumed by our body, there are only two options: the sugar either turns into fat or it gets burnt into energy. The students are most likely to get the latter option because they are usually low on sleep, tired, and desserts will be perfect to give them a sugar rush, just enough to get the essay written. Good moods don’t hurt either.

girl eating

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a widely misunderstood food. We think it is bad for our health when in truth, it is good for brain power – something students need desperately when writing essays. Moreover, peanut butter lasts a lot longer and keeps our appetites full for a longer time so that when you are writing a paper, you don’t have to worry about your grumbling stomach.

peanut butter animated

3. Coffee

For many students, coffee is another limb for them to balance properly, physically and mentally, throughout the day. Coffee is a far better option for a student whose stomach begins to act up when writing an essay near a deadline. Coffee is also very effective in keeping you awake for a few more hours and just lends you enough time to get done with the essay due the next day. Despite a common belief, only an overdose of coffee is dangerous, otherwise, nothing can bring sharp focus faster than a cup of coffee.

will and grace

4. Mac and Cheese

College is one of the best places to make memories, but at the same time, these memorable days come with stress and pressure of getting good grades. In times of exams and essay submissions, you need comfort food, and mac with cheese is just the thing for you. Homemade mac and cheese contains milk, cream and whole grain pasta that will not only keep you filled up but is also easy to prepare.

where's my mac and cheese

5. Chips

No matter how much you are panicking, munching on something will not only make you look cool but will also help you relax. When writing an essay, it would be quite beneficial to have a comfortable environment with your favorite chips in front of you. A weight conscious student can use fruit chips to munch and crunch their way through the essay.

johnny depp eating

Not that we are encouraging students to consume unhealthy food, but since they are going to do it anyway, why not do this for studying benefit? At times, it might be a great idea for students to eat some junk food to cope with their college papers easily.

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