11 Crazy Moves You Will Make If You Don’t Order an Essay about Thermodynamics

Life is hard! Not only you have to juggle your studies with your social life, but also you have to pretend to like the hectic, sad routine which is unfortunately your life now. And the science professors don’t plan to have mercy on you when it comes to assigning homework for the day, as if you have nothing else to do in your free time than writing an essay about thermodynamics.
Every time you have to do homework assignments or write a paper, you promise yourself that next time you’re really going to pay attention to the teachers when they are going on and on about the laws of heat and whatnot. But it doesn’t always go according to plan, does it? Juggling college life is complicated and the increasing workload not only burdens you and increases your mental stress, but also makes your patience snap like an overstretched rubber band – “How to do my essay and many other academic tasks on time?”

When you haven’t got the time to complete that thermodynamics essay and your mind is running on coffee fumes, it is time to get yourself under control. If you haven’t slept two nights in a row and have drunk a ton of coffee, you might be able to hear spooky sounds by now. And when you are under so much duress, your mind can really play tricks on you and make you do some really crazy things.

However, you are not alone in that boat and most of the students are going through the same situation as you are. So when your life sucks and you just give up on it, like you can end up doing some really crazy stuff.

sobbing arrested development
1. Mixing up your shower gel with toothpaste and contemplating on what your life has come to.

my crush has a girlfriend
2. Putting on your underwear over the pants and trying not to give up on life already.

rhys ifans notting hill
3. Eating your cat’s food instead of cornflakes.

all time low backseat serenade
4. And then trying to hide from your pet because you are too ashamed to make eye contact with it.

angry cat gif
5. Taking the wrong bus and ending up in the suburbs and wondering where in the world you are.

chistes de examenes finales
6. Buying alcohol instead of coffee and pretending to get your act together.

don t trust the b in apartment 23
7. Stay awake for so long that you start feeling a natural kinship with owls.

sleep is for the weak gif
8. That terrifying moment when your professor calls your mom and then you decide it’s time to move to another country.

funny lord of the rings gif
9. When you ask Siri to write your essay on thermodynamics for you.

better off dead sleeping with sirens
10. When you are so tired that you type your paper in a Facebook post.

11. When you are so high on caffeine that you hand in your diary instead of an essay and then have to face the judging look your professor gives you.

my fare lady simpsons
These are some of the crazy things that you might end up doing if you don’t get your thermodynamic essay done for you. Don’t let it bring you down and face it like a champion. Get your work and assignments done from someone else and walk in the class like a champion next time!

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