10 Phrases from Barack Obama Address Speeches at Universities That Can Be Subjected to Critique

You might like or dislike him, but have got to admire and enjoy the sassy side of Obama. Not only is he quite active on the social media, but was a good sport about the whole “Thanks Obama” trend that prevailed on social media for months.
However, when it comes to university speeches that he likes to give so much, there are some moments that can entail some criticism from your side. So, let’s have a closer look at some phrases to have a better picture.

1. “After four long years of endless work, sleepless nights, and constant stress, you can finally look forward to three years of even more work, less sleep, and stress that may tempt you to self-prescribe” (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Commencement Address, 2006).

It’s like he can peek right into the minds, no?


2. “You understood the sacrifices involved and the commitment necessary to become a doctor. You were aware that it would take years of your life and leave you with significant debt. And yet, you signed up anyway” (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Commencement Address, 2006).

Yeah sure, by our calculation, student loans will be paid in full 5 years after we die. Thank you student loans for helping students graduate; they won’t ever be able to repay you for your “Kindness”.

twenty one pilots car radio

3. “You’ll realize that for millions upon millions of Americans, the care you provide is becoming far too costly for them to afford” (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Commencement Address, 2006).

Well, those are really good prospects of our bright future!

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4. “Being the VIP that I was, I spent the rest of the week as the guy in the room who nobody knew, but everyone knew didn’t belong” (University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address, 2006).

Aww, he must have felt like a puppy lost in the big bad world. We bet he was chosen for “random” searches at the airport too.

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5. “America is an unlikely place – a country built on defiance of the odds; on a belief in the impossible” (University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address, 2006).

Yeah, students with loans that they can’t pay seem also impossible but the belief of the government makes it really possible.


6. “No matter how hard you worked or struggled for something better, you knew you’d spend your life forced to build somebody else’s empire; to sacrifice for someone else’s cause” (University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address, 2006).

Every phrase sounds even more and more cheering and engaging! Students must be inspired.

joan burn this place down

7. “We’ve pushed the boundaries of opportunity by providing free education for our children and health care for our seniors and our poor; and we’ve won bargaining rights and wage hikes and retirement security for our workers” (University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address, 2006).

Thanks Obama! It made the situation much better.

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8. “But the problem isn’t that we’ve made progress. The problem is that progress isn’t good enough. There is more work to be done, more justice to be had, more barriers to break. And now it’s your generation’s turn to bring these changes about” (University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address, 2006).

Eeeeh, isn’t it something the previous presidents said?

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9. “Ours was a nation of liberators; of free people; of prosperous people – and the world took notice” (Northwestern University Commencement Address, 2006).

Yeah, we’ve got 99 problems and freedom isn’t one …

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10. “There’s an assumption in rites of passage like this that growing up is just a function of age; that becoming an adult is an inevitable and natural progression” (Northwestern University Commencement Address, 2006).

But adult-ing is hard. Are we sure we can’t skip it?

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No matter how much you criticize Obama, he has his good and bad sides. No one is perfect, but as the president of United States of America, he should nearly be.

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