Top 5 Creative Essay Contests That Will Bring You More Than Just Experience

All of us need a boost to our self-esteem every now and then, and students need it more than anyone else. The hectic and chaotic college life would make you feel yourself under the weather and overwhelmed as you move from one assignment to another, and we can all happily agree that you deserve a break; a very productive break. There are tons of essay competitions that take place around a college life, and the right ones offer a lot more than just experience. They even offer some things that most students desperately need; scholarships – in addition to many other benefits.

If you win the prize, you will not only be rewarded with something useful but you will also be able to take care of that self-esteem rolling around the floor. Allow us to introduce you some of these essay contests:

  1. Residential Fellowships
  2. Win this esteemed prize, you earn a monthly stipend of $5,000 in addition to a lodging, partial board, and round-trip airfare. This might not sound too much, but for students, it is gold. The contest is set up by the American Academy in Berlin where participants get to belt out their creative writing skills in fiction and nonfiction, and if they win, the prize is theirs. Sleep the stress away, guys!

    disney princess as a man

  3. The Woolf Short Story Competition
  4. For the first time, students can become part of this inaugural short story competition that has in store three cash prizes for winners. In addition, the three winners will also see their stories published in the Woolf next year. The entry fee for this competition is as low as $20. In order to win this competition, writers have to test their limits and craft a short story based on the theme raw. It’s a go big or go home sort of competition, just for the ones who like to let their imagination run wild.

    coffee and rain

  5. Manchester Metropolitan University
  6. Go ahead and work those wordsmith brains of yours. If you can write poetry or a short story unlike any other, then you could take home a price as high as $13,000. The poetry submission will be judged by Mona Arshi, Pascale Petit, and Adam O’Riordan, and the winners will even get invited to Manchester. The last date for submission is September 29, so hold your pens tight and write a piece that could take you to see the Cottonopolis. Not too shabby, huh?

    moving cities

  7. Inkitt
  8. For those who have a talent, skill, creativity, and an idea for a splendid novel, but no means to get it published, they need to pay their attention to this contest. The boutique publishing firm, Inkitt, is asking for a novel based on 20,000 words. And if it turns out to be a masterpiece, Inkitt will turn your dream into reality by rewarding you with professional editing, a cover design, and 25 percent of royalties. So what are you waiting for?

    newt maze runner

  9. W.Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction
  10. Calling out to all the war buffs! If you have a special love for novels like The Book Thief, Gone with the wind, Catch-22, All quiet on the western front, then pick up your weapon, transport yourself to a war zone and pen down a story. Not only do you get to visit the time that fascinates you but you also might even end up winning $5,000. It’s a win-win for sure; do not lose such an opportunity!

    story of a book thief

    Don’t let this weekend be similar to all the others, ditch the plan to hang-out with your friends, and spend some time with your imagination instead. What do you know? You could end up winning something.

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