6 Fun Ways to Get Ready for HSC English Creative Writing Assignment

Who says that studies have to be all dull and dreary? They are as exciting and boring as we make them be. And the last thing that may be such a humdrum is preparing for an HSC English creative writing assignment.

Matter of fact, HSC creative writing can actually be something to look forward to if we plan it, laced with fun and enjoyment. If you are rightfully baffled with our suggestion, let us help you out not only by means of our creative writing services. Here’s how you can make writing a pleasurable experience.

  • Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Jazz, techno, hip-hop, punk rock or whatever the kind of music that gets your blood pumping, listen to it. Music helps with creative writing in many ways. It helps you soothe, it helps you refresh your mind and sometimes it even helps your mind get triggered with some great ideas. One medley or rap lyrics is all that is needed to get your creative juices flowing.

mickey mouse whistling

  • Have a Movie Marathon

Can’t make up a topic? Cannot make your mind slow down enough to get you thinking straight? Watch a movie. You can even have a movie marathon so that the ideas will pour down on you with so many options that will come in handy to get creative and begin writing your own creative piece. Moreover, if you do not know which issue to cover, a film can help you to make a right choice.

sponge bob

  • Go Traveling

Nothing revives our souls and our minds the way traveling does. We understand that students’ pockets are usually small with gigantic holes in them so we suggest going on a trip that costs less. Even going hiking on a beach or exploring an unhidden cave can make you come up with some great creative ideas once you are back at your abode.

i am going on an adventure

  • Read a Book

For some people, reading a book is as fun as any of the above activities are. Take out your favorite novel or a classic book, and you’ll find inspiration hurtling towards you. It’s like your favorite author is guiding your hands to write a creative piece for your HSC.


  • Call Your Storytelling Pal

We all have this one friend who is loaded with interesting stories to tell. Just meeting that friend can help you extract an idea from one of their many stories. Matter of fact, these friends might even help you by coining some ideas together. Just ring them up.

snow king and marselin

  • Read the Diary of a Writer

The most exemplary and legendary writers in the world keep diaries or have autobiographies, memoirs or twitter pages. And most of them share some great encouraging things about writing via these sources so dummies can get some inspiration from. Even Anne Frank discussed her writing inspiration in the annex. Who could be a better inspiration than these successful writers themselves? Besides, it is really fun to read about the writers who have established themselves on their own.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

See? Studies don’t have to be boring at all, least of all, studying for a creative writing piece. We assure you that if you adopt these methods or ask us, “Do my assignment”, you’ll end up acing your HSC English creative assignment. Just draw your inspirations from the right place.

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