Is Choosing a Custom Essay Writer Similar to Going on a Blind Date?

Anybody who has ever hired a custom essay writer online would agree that the process has an uncanny resemblance with going on a blind date. Why so? Let’s take a look.

1. You Never Know Who You Will Come Across

blind dates

When going on a blind date, you have nothing to base your expectations on but the sound judgment and common sense of the friend who hooked you up with your date. When hiring a custom writer for your essay, you have even less to go by – unless a friend recommended the particular writer or at least a particular service, you only have the assurances of people you’ve never met. Either way, you may be in for some surprises.

2. You Won’t Repeat the Experience if the 1st Time Is Awful

awful experience
If the date turns out to be a disaster, if the person in question is completely not your style, if they are just gross, it is likely to put you off the idea of blind dating for the rest of your life. And you certainly won’t go out with the same person again.

If the writer turns out to be completely out of his league with this essay, bungles the entire job and misses the deadline, you will probably do the same.

3. You Are Always Full of Anxiety as to How It Will Go

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Until the date is actually over, you will not be sure if everything is going to be alright – perhaps your date will turn out to be a huge jerk all of a sudden, or it will turn out that you dislike each other without any discernible reason, or just have nothing in common to talk about.

And needless to say, until your essay is safely delivered to you, until you’ve read it and made sure it is written according to your specifications you are certainly going to fidget in your seat something awful. Especially if the deadline is tomorrow and you have no idea if the writer actually is writing it or simply took off with your hard-earned money.

4. You Always Discuss the Rules of the Arrangement Beforehand

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Well, at least if you are reasonable enough. As you are dealing with the person you’ve never seen in your life, don’t know what to expect from and no idea what they are like, it is certainly helpful to look before you leap and establish clear-cut rules before you make any drastic steps – or any steps at all, for that matter.

The same goes for hiring people for custom writing online – if you simply give away your money without discussing the rules and rights and responsibilities of the parties, it means asking for trouble.

Does our little list look a tad unromantic? Perhaps it does, which doesn’t make the things any less true. Guys, go on a blind date … I mean, choose a custom essay writer wisely because you never know how the things will end up.

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