25 Brain Facts That Will Make You Finally Write a Research Paper

The brain is not just a complex human body organ, it is the most complex creation present in the universe; one that we have yet to decode the workings of. Here are some of the facts about the brain that will get you worked up about researching for the research paper that is due soon.

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  1. Your brain won’t stop developing until you have reached your late 40s.
  2. Every time you make a new memory, your brain makes new connections inside. How does spending the extra hour at the library sound?
  3. 20% of the blood and oxygen from your body is used by your brain; enough to make it through the night working on a whole section of your paper. Oh, and don’t forget to proofread it in the morning.
  4. There is a certain virus that targets the DNA. The result of this virus makes people less intelligent. If you are free from this dreaded virus, you are smarter than a lot of people. Why not use that for the greater good like the college paper you are tasked with.
  5. When you are awake, your brain is constantly producing electricity to power a light bulb.
  6. It has been proven scientifically that a tiny dose of power can change the way a person’s brain operates including the fact that it eradicates empathy. So don’t expect any mercy when you hand in nothing at class.
  7. 60% of your brain is just fat. Work it off?

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  1. Binge on cocoa while you pile on those books for research. The smell of chocolate increases Theta brain waves, which trigger relaxation. You don’t need a massage while you work. You are good to go with this.
  2. Be nice to yourself. So what if you forget about that paper. It is not too late to start now. If you forget some information, then don’t panic, as that’s just your brain helping your nervous system to hold its plasticity.
  3. There is no such thing as dividing of functions between the left and the right brain. It is just a myth.
  4. Sleep deprivation influences the brain in a way that it impairs your judgment and causes people to have a slow reaction. Don’t feel like finishing that paper? That’s not what you really want; it’s you not getting enough Zzzzzz that makes you think that way.

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  1. Music activates the parts in the brain that release dopamine; the same chemical that makes you feel good during eating and intercourse. So, a little of music while writing?
  2. Your brain has no nerves, it feels no pain.
  3. Human beings do not use less than 10% of their brain; this is a misconception.
  4. You don’t really need facts to be certain about something.
  5. Around 20%of the cardiac output is directed towards your brain.
  6. The most brain cells we will ever have appeared with us when we were born.

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  1. 50 % of your brain is dedicated to describing the complex design of the grey matter.
  2. You are walking around with a mega super computer in your head. In 2015, it took about 40 minutes to simulate a second of brain activity.
  3. When you are resting, the brain makes use of a fifth of a calorie each minute.
  4. Everyday your brain processes 70,000 thoughts. If you can do that, you can do anything… Like writing that research paper for example.
  5. You could be impaired if you go without oxygen for 10 minutes. Don’t study anywhere stuffed.
  6. Did you know that you have taste receptors in your brain? Food for thought (read: essay).
  7. Dieting may force your brain to start eating itself. Time to take out the stash of goodies.
  8. The discovery of brain parasites has scientists believing that a zombie apocalypse is possible. Hand in the paper before that happens!

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Got inspired to write that research paper? We bet you did! These brain facts will motivate anyone to start on the task that is due too soon. Don’t lay it on the shelf until the ‘I can’t write my research paper on timetrouble haunts you.

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