How to Write My History Essay Thumbing My Gadget in Bed

instagramI need help figuring out what to write my history essay on! Sound familiar? Trying to find great historical information for essay can be a real challenge. However, do you know that you can find all the needed information with the help of your fingertips? Thanks to social media and mobile access, you can easily learn a lot of interesting history facts from Instagram!

Here are some pages that are worthy to visit.


This page is more so for visual learning. The Instagram account shares vintage military pictures of militaries from around the world. Although not much is said about the photos, you will see the basic information about the types of weapons, assets and military men featured in the photo. You will be able to visually see how war and militia have evolved throughout the ages.


This page is the official History page as it represents the “award-winning original series and specials”. Unlike the first Instagram page, this one covers all kinds of different aspects of history, not just military. It also covers religion, politics, specific people and more. Some posts even feature exact events or human relations that happened on the specific date some odd years ago.


This is a popular history page on Instagram as it currently has over 2.1 million followers! Like the first one, not much is captioned about the photos aside from generic information. However, the variety topics shared is very diverse! Aside from the typical military, political, historical figure information, this page also shares entertainment history as well. For example, one post features actor Jim Carrey impersonating other celebrities from 1992. This page is both informational and entertaining!


Geared towards World War 2, this Instagram page features posts centered between 1939 and 1945. Although it educates on a huge war, it is not political. All photo rights to the original owners are specifically stated with a provided link to where the pictures were referenced from. The picture captions are very detailed with information regarding the photo. If you like reading, this may be a page you would really enjoy!


This Instagram page is connected to a website discussing history and sourcing where the photo was found. It makes sure to post a daily photo on something about the history around the world. Each photo has a decent paragraph explaining the photo for easy learning. If you like to have a fun fact daily, this Instagram account is the page to check out!


Lastly, this Instagram account shares photos that were taken in World War I and World War II. Again, this page is non-political and explains that the photos belong to their owners. However, the pictures are very intriguing! Each picture has detailed information about the period the photo is depicting. Actually, it is terrific for a late night educational read!
As you can see there is nothing impossible even if you want to study resting in your bed. Just take your smartphone, open Instagram app and start learning history.

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