20 Topics for Chemistry Project: How to Combine a Serious Molecule with a Fun Element

Let’s face it – Chemistry is a very peculiar discipline that not everybody might like. There is even a term “chemophobia” that stands for “fear of Chemistry as a subject to learn”. If such a word has been coined, you can imagine how some students perceive classes within this field. However, some people get really fond of all the chemicals, reactions, inventions and so on, and choose Chemistry as their major. If you are one of them, then we have for you 20 topics for chemistry project that are a bit funny just to make your student life more entertaining ☺

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    1. Are You Grown Up Enough to Stop Playing with Cool Chemistry Experiments?
    2. Sugar-Powered Batteries and Their Potential for the Modern Energy Demands
    3. What Is the Difference between Whole Milk, 2% Milk, and Skim Milk?
    4. Chemistry Baking Battles: Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

dust cinemagraph

    1. Arsole, Bastardane, Munchnines and Other Funny Molecule Names in Chemistry
    2. Lightning Odour: Chemical Reaction after Lightning Strokes, Smell, and the Possibility to Make a New Trend in a Perfume Industry
    3. Glass Is Liquid. Can I Prove It?

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    1. How Does It Feel to Have a Body with 13.5 Billion-Year-Old-Atoms?
    2. Birds Don’t Care about the Hot Pepper: Chemistry behind the Scenes
    3. How Lobster Blood Changes Its Colour When Exposed to Air
    4. The Hardest and the Lightest Chemicals in Our Body
    5. Plankton Skeleton Fossils: What Is Chalk Made of?


    1. Funny Origins of Chemical Element Names
    2. How to Get Motivated to Learn Chemistry
    3. Chemistry Career Prospects for Youngsters
    4. Why Do Onions Make Me Cry?

julie and julia onions

    1. Don’t Trust Atoms: The Atom’s Nature of Making up Everything
    2. Chemistry Is in the Air: Love, Hatred, Envy and Their Chemical Basis
    3. Orange Peel Turned into Plastic: Valuable Discovery or Useless Knowledge?
    4. Which Materials Don’t Attract Water?

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These topics are designed for those students who don’t like writing about boring topics and want to bring in a bit of fun into academic assignments on Chemistry. If you are one of them, look through our list, choose several subjects that have caught your eye, Google them to find out a bit more and then pick the one that attracts you the most!
However, if you are a kind of a chemist who looks forward to making a discovery or exploring life-changing phenomena, spend a great deal of time on topic selection because the paper that you will write afterwards may influence your interests, grades, and even the whole future. It is important to choose a subject matter that you can find some info on, but, at the same time, is not researched from A to Z – you need some buffer to make your own conclusions and implement new assumptions. This way your paper will bear some real weight.

P.S. But if you tilt toward something light, our topics are always here for you. If you have some troubles, don’t be afraid of asking for help – “do my project please!”

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