Mobile Applications: One of Technical Research Topics to Uncover

Technical research topics could be determined as a useful tool not merely for scientists but also for people who are not engaged in scientific matters. Since different individuals have different areas of interest, the variety of technical research topics is also great – “I can do my research paper on any technical topic”. In this insight, one may examine software, mobile applications, programming, human-computer interaction, security, traceability, and a set of other topics. Regardless of the chosen topic, its author should pay attention to the accuracy of information as well as target audience.

Mobile Applications

Nowadays, the number of smartphones is steadily growing and has almost reached two billion items. It is commonly known that each smartphone contains a variety of installed mobile applications such as a watch, weather, calculator, games, etc. The turning point in mobile industry happened when phones with simple functions were replaced by complex smartphones with a set of the above-mentioned applications. It initiated the development of the so-called app market. Currently, mobile applications have become an indispensable tool for users all over the globe. The vast majority of developers make their applications and upload them to Google Play or the App Store so that people can either download them for free or buy the necessary ones.

A mobile application could be defined as a specially designed application for a specific mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Typically, the application is developed in a high-level language and compiled into a native OS code that gives it maximum performance. Gadgets and widgets, various games and entertainment, original projects, mobile versions of services – all these tools are necessary for the owner of the mobile device. Applications pursue at least two significant goals: to entertain the owner and ease his/her life. They include access to online stores, a bank account, an opportunity to learn news and weather, read a site, book or magazine, chat with friends, play, and many other functions.

Development of mobile applications is a complex and multistage process, so to perform it properly one has to identify the needs of potential users and customers, the function that this application should perform, as well as determine its type and mobile platform. It should also be mentioned that by saying ‘mobile app’, most users mean ‘native app’, which slightly differs from the web app or hybrid app.

Before developing mobile applications, it is necessary to define what the user actually needs. The functionality of mobile application depends on the length of its development, the level of complexity and, of course, the price. In general, there are four main types of mobile applications:

  • Corporate – their goal is to simplify the work of the company, quickly transfer data between employees or obtain corporate information. The target audience for such mobile applications is, above all, the company’s employees, as well as real and potential customers and partners.
  • Content – their primary purpose is to provide various kinds of information: text or video or audio format. Basically, such development of mobile applications is carried out by mass media, radio, TV channels or portals.
  • Service – their purpose derives from the name – to provide certain services or, in other words, to perform real-time tasks that the user puts. The development of mobile applications of this type is complicated because they should work accurately and continuously.
  • Gaming – the main task of such mobile applications is to entertain. In this insight, the development of mobile applications of this type is complicated by the need to place contextual or direct advertising successfully.


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