5 Types of Teachers to Stay away from in College

types of college teachers

We accept the premise that everyone is different. And by that logic, every professor/teacher is different. They have different approaches, different techniques, and manners. They have good sides, and bad sides. Being a student automatically puts you in a position to must develop a relationship with your professor. However, how, and with who you develop those relationships, can impact your college life and experience. Depending on the teacher, you might get an easy way out, or stuck at a certain subject. Avoid confrontations with the following types of teachers, and try to stay away from them as much as possible. Your relationship should be as a professional as it could be, but nothing more and nothing less.

The Friendly, Buddy Professor

Some teachers badly want to be liked by their students that they try to be friends with their students. There is nothing wrong with having a chit chat now and then, but being friends with the professor compromises your education. Even if other students are buddies with the professor, try not to fall into the trap.

The Club Professor

Some teachers are obsessed with the club they run. Some colleges have sports club, art club, fashion club or anything else. You name it. While it is beneficiary to enter the club and put some effort, be sure to not overdo it. Teachers that favor their club over everything else, might occupy too much of your time, and leave you with little to no energy to focus on other subjects. They expect you to know everything, so make sure you are ready when he/she calls your name. Another downside is that these teachers are known to be absent from the classes they teach, so if you do not understand something do not hesitate to ask.

Obsessed with Personal Life

The teacher that loves to talk about personal life, share stories and experiences is worth avoiding. While some stories and journeys are known to offer a little digression from the material, do not fall into the trap and encourage it. The best way to deal with this type of professor is to remind him what the class is about. However, make sure to do it in a subtle way. You do not want to offend the professor. It might result in he/she targeting and picking you apart later on.

The Extremely Strict Teacher

He/she is the most organized person you have ever met, and you will either love or hate him/her. There is no middle ground here. This teacher expects everything to be on time, he has a strict schedule, and a little deviation from it can cause him/her to freak out. However, the good side is that you always know what to expect and what is going on. Additionally, the strict teacher is never satisfied. Expect comments like “you can do better” and “you must rework, edit this project”. If you manage to embrace the fact that he/she is pushing you to the limits, you’ll have a good time. However, if you confront him/her, well, expect another attack. And since he/she is the teacher, you are better off if you do not annoy him/her.

The One Who Hates Everything

This one can be easily confused with the strict teacher, so beware. He/she hates everyone, and finds faults in everything.

Tips for Students

To make sure you are not getting into problems, issues with teachers, make sure to follow some of these tips.

  • Always try to deliver proper first impression.
  • The beginning of the year is the time when you need to prove yourself, not at the end exams.
  • Give impression you care for the subject.
  • Be attentive and participate in discussions.
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