Useful Life Hack Tips for College Students

college life hacksStudent life can be full of problems and priorities. But the good news is that there a few tips, tricks and techniques that can solve the common problems of student life in uncommon ways. These are called life hacks and students who know them, can get their way around. In this article, we will be writing down a few life hack tips for the college students so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Online Free Trial with Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards are a great way to enjoy new things for free of cost. Just get a gift card and start googling online. You will find hundreds of trial offers on music, movies, clothes and you won’t have to spend a dime.

Plastic Bottle for iPod Speaker

When you are having a quick party in the dorm and no speakers for your iPod, use a plastic soda bottle as a speaker. Take a knife and make a cut on the bottom part of the soda bottle so that you can insert your iPod in that bottle. This will give you louder sound and beats will be clear. This will also make sure that no one takes away your iPod.

Fast & Easy Lecture

Record classroom lectures and listen to them at double or faster speed with audio software like audacity. This will save your time and you will be able remember more things. Sounds weird but it works!

Glass and Mobile Phone for the Loudest Alarm Clock

If ordinary alarm clocks are not loud enough for you, use a glass and a cell phone as an alarm clock. Set the alarm on your mobile and put it in a glass before bed. It will amplify the sound and you will wake up on time no matter if you are a heavy sleeper.

tips for college students

Dryer Sheet for a Fresh Dorm Room

If you’ve got a smelly and damp room, tape a dryer sheet over the AC or the fan. Your room won’t smell anymore.

Save Space on the Oven with a Mug

If you want to save electricity bills and do not want to use the oven twice for two large bowls, use a mug. Just put the first bowl on the oven plate and another bowl on top of a mug. This will create a double shelf in your small oven and you will be warming up tow bowls at a time.

Tasty Pizza with a Glass of Water

If you do not like chewy crust on an oven heated pizza, put a glass of water in the oven when heating the pizza. You will always have the crunch on the crust.

Use Beer Cans for Better Wi-Fi Signal

If your Wi-Fi reception is poor, use a can to amplify the signal. Cut a can in half vertically and then get rid of the top and bottom parts. You will end up with a half circled metal antenna plate. Just attach is to the router antenna and you will see the difference.

Turn Your Laptop Bag into Backpack

Don’t want to buy a backpack? Just take your old laptop bag and pass the shoulder strap (longer) through the wrist strap. Now you can use your laptop bag as a backpack and carry your laptop with style & ease.

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