Thesis Topics in Sociology

Sociology is a branch of humanities that studies society, a complex system of interactions between people. Sociology is closely connected with other disciplines; thus, there are such branches as economic sociology, sociology of Religion, industrial sociology, political sociology, comparative sociology, and sociology of gender. When choosing a thesis topic in sociology, a researcher should make sure that the topic is relevant and there is enough data to prove one’s claims. However, a researcher should also choose a thesis topic in sociology based on their aptitude and interest – “What is of interest for me to do my thesis in Sociology?”

One of the most commonly studied subfields of Sociology is Cultural Sociology. It studies a society from the perspective of its culture, traditions, and beliefs. Most typically, the issues in Cultural Sociology are analyzed through the lens of Marx’s, Weber’s, and Durkheim’s theories. Based on these theories, a researcher may analyze the current cultural trends in the United States or other countries, cultural differences among the minority groups, or the impact of immigration on the local culture.

Another subfield of Sociology is Sociology of Education. It studies the influence of various sociological and political trends on education. Topics in Sociology of Education may vary from the reaction between teacher’s level of motivation and students’ performance to how children perceive a society based on their experience in a school.

Religion is also strongly connected with sociology because beliefs and the system of values in a society often determine the behavior of its members. Likewise, Sociology of Religion studies the impact of social interaction, politics, and media on Religion. Moreover, this subfield of Sociology may cover such issues as gender and social inequality in relation to Religion. There are some thesis topics that may be of a particular interest for a researcher as well as for society. For example, one may study how media shapes the perception of Religion, especially, Islam or write about the link between Religion and social changes.

Economy is also believed to be among the social institutions that organize the production and consumption of goods. This field studies such systems as socialism, capitalism, and the influence of labor markets on interactions between people within a society. A thesis on Economic Sociology can also be based on Marx’s theories, for instance, a researcher can study his criticism on capitalism.

Industrial Sociology is very close to Economic Sociology because it also deals with labor and work. This subfield covers a number of concepts, such as corporate citizenship, social structures in organizations, technological advancements in the workplace and their influence on the society.

Political Sociology is also a complex subfield because it studies politics and society, which are largely interrelated as social changes depend on the changes in politics. Thus, researcher who wants to write a thesis on Political Sociology, may consider such topics as the applicability of democracy in a capitalist society, the link between religion and politics as social institutions, suitability of charismatic leadership in any political system of any country, how the society’s welfare depends on a political situation, or the implications of globalization in politics.

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