Six Ways COVID-19 Pandemic Might Reshape Education

Over the course of the past weeks, the outbreak of COVID-19 has turned upside down undergrads’ experience in the global education arena. All over the world, the impacts of the pandemic are clearly felt. High schools, colleges, universities, and the rest of educational institutions all over the globe try to switch to virtual solutions within the shortest possible time. A lot of the best brains did not turn out to be ready to handle the new demands of education sectors that, in turn, require both financial and human resources.

No doubt, today’s education is likely to change in light of the current events. And, in all probability, the global change will happen in the area of a digital mindset. Will coronavirus become the main catalyst for the range of metamorphoses in the education segment? Definitely.

The Role of a Tutor Is Being Redefined

When it comes to 21st-century education, the notion of a college professor as the knowledge provider who shares skills and wisdom doesn’t fit the purpose of it. Due to the fact that undergrads can easily access knowledge through a couple of clicks, the role of a professor or tutor should be redefined as soon as possible. In other words, the role of a mentor in the lecture hall or classroom will have to move towards simplifying students’ development as contributing members of today’s society.

Tutors Will See More

Moving every student online has provided college and high school tutors with an opportunity to share far more than they would in an actual classroom. In other words, online classes are more focused, detailed, and material-based. What is more, every tutor gets a unique chance to see more than they normally would! During the group or tête à tête classes, every single tutor sees and notices more, which is not how things usually work during the teaching sessions.


Shifting from the real world to cyber education has noticeably eliminated serious inequities in the education field, from the huge number of students who rely on looks and stuff that money can buy to the ones who can’t afford a lot. At the moment, you’re out there, behind the screen. It’s not about how you look or how expensive your car is. It’s about gaining knowledge and skills that are provided to every student in an equal manner.

Private-Public Institutions’ Partnerships

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, we see numerous partnerships taking shape here and there within education, political, tech, and publishing areas. In the segment of higher education, public and private institutions are getting together to find temporary or, perhaps, permanent, solutions to today’s crisis. Educational innovations and solutions are receiving attention from both private and public education sectors that unite to produce a consequential trend to future teaching and learning.


The latest events have confirmed that the area of education (including early childhood, high school, and college education) had to be able to move fast from its actual to online status. Certainly, the system will be modified and transformed at all levels to ensure that, in case of emergency, it will adjust dartingly to fit the world’s tendencies variability. In other words, the shift from a standard classroom to online teaching and learning won’t come out of the blue.

Surprising Solutions Should Be Implemented

COVID-19 has brought to the surface the need for surprising innovations. With the release of the pandemic, more than 120 million Chinese people started to learn at home via apps and live TV broadcasts. With techs becoming more and more accessible over the globe, we’re going to see the field of education implementing the so-called learning-anytime-and-anywhere digital options.
When the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing are over, we’re going to get back to traditional in-person classrooms. However, the standard teaching and learning environment will be supplied with a range of new learning features – from regular live broadcasts to academic influencers to cyber experiences. In other words, learning could transform from a daily routine to a real lifestyle.

The outbreak and quick spread of coronavirus have proved how important it is to build resilience to handle different threats – from severe illnesses to rapid technological challenges. At the same time, the pandemic is also a chance for all of us to stop for a moment and remind ourselves of the academic skills that we might need in the world that is absolutely unpredictable. Ability to quickly search for creative solutions for the problems of all sorts, to make decisions ASAP, and adapt to the new conditions are just a few skills that students will have to give the top priority to. To provide the skills, perspectives, and knowledge, the educational systems will have to transform and keep up with the changing demands of today’s society.

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