5 Simple Topics for Speech to Make Students Share Their Beyond-the-College Experience

Every college is a melting pot where students from all walks of life join, come to fraternize and evolve into professionals. They display a range of behavior, from the overly talkative types to students who can barely mouth their own names. But there are certain things and issues they all like to talk about; issues such as the latest episode of Game of Thrones or what the White House is up to these days for those who are a little more politically savvy.

Here is a list of things all students like to talk about and these particular ideas may come in handy when you are mulling over a topic for your speech.:

1. The Latest Episode of Game of Thrones

game of thrones

It doesn’t matter whether you like the show, or if you’re bragging to people how much you dislike it, the talk of the hour is Game of Thrones. The series is so unpredictable that everyone has their own weird theories on which major cast is going to die next. Weird theories on who will be the next ruler of North, or what the purpose of the White Walkers is, means that students never run out of topics to talk about.

2. What Your Parents Do For a Living

parents partying

Everyone wants to know how much dough you’re packing in, whether you’re the son of a big shot politician or celebrity or if you belong to an average household. When friends start opening up, the first question they usually ask is, “What does your father/mother do for a living?” and you usually retort with a similar question to them. A great way to learn about each other and a perfect conversation starter.

3. The Latest Events Surrounding Sports

baseball player dancing

This is a no brainer, boys in particular love talking about sports and are able to perfectly connect with each other over small talk based purely around tennis, football, baseball, basketball or some other sport revolving around tossing a ball in a subtly more different way. Celebrities such as Federer, Messi, and Ronaldo are frequently talked about and make as excellent means for college students to bond.

4. Which Game Console You Play On

xbox vs ps4

This topic sometimes tends to get messy. It’s always about which gaming console outputs the best graphics, gameplay, and sound mechanics possible – students brag about owning a particular brand of a gaming console, and lavishly praising it over its rival console. The most talked about aspect of video games is the specs.

5. How Wasted You Got Last Night

oh i like her wedding singer

College students just love letting their peers know how lackadaisical they are about their daily alcohol consumption. They brag about how they darted around like buffoons in a nightclub and then following it by fainting on the dance floor because of overconsumption. Then, they complain about the terrible hangover they got the next morning, or how they puked in the toilet to get the ‘juice’ out of their system. The nerds, however, cannot even fathom going near a nightclub, they just can’t be separated from their books and the library.

If you are planning a speech, have a look at these simple topics for speech that will call everyone in the audience to a discussion not to bear the question “How to write my speech” in mind.

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