4 Relationship Disasters When You Need to Rely on Script Writing Help

College life is full of relationship problems. They may concern someone, you are intimate with, or someone, you mingle with. At times like these, never hesitate to take some notes from movie scripts or, as we like to call, the therapeutic script writing help. Because here you can find a lot of solutions to your problems.

1. The Love Triangle

Sometimes, this just happens. Think about it; in Twilight, two guys have fallen in love with the same girl, but only one gets her love in return. And, as we have learnt, when someone makes a choice, it’s wiser for the other person to step back, like in the movie, when Bella goes back to Edward, after he returns, even though Jacob has done everything he could for her.

 edward cullen and bella swan kissing

2. An Outsider

Sure, everyone is an outsider when he/she is a freshman in the college. Usually, it takes a person the first few months, to find out, where you are, and the friends you are going to hang out with in the next four years.

What about the people who have transferred from other universities? They just do not seem to fit in at first. Thus, they face a lot of problems. First, they miss the perfectly good social life in the previous university as well as new group mates may not want to accept the newbie to their team. A great example is Hermione from Harry Potter movies. The girl, who has worked extra hard to fit into the wizarding community, because she is not from it. She even did her homework on everything, so that, nothing would take her by surprise. Some of the students even made fun of her at first, but still, in a while she finds some friends and becomes wide famous in the Hogwarts School.

 harry potter and the philosopher's stone

3. One Way Street Love

This is the most heartbreaking thing you may ever face. Though movies with such plotlines make you scream at the person to find someone better, at the end, something great comes out of it. Think 10 Things I hate About You; a boy has learnt French for a girl who isn’t in love with him in return. Although it has not helped. What has worked for Cameron is his confronting Bianca and being himself with her. Also, he is not afraid of withdrawing his obsession for her.


4. Nobody Wants a Swot

Swots are losers. We may not say it out loud, but we don’t exactly wish to be best friends with one in our college life. However, thanks to movies like 22 Jump Street, where two totally opposite guys become the best friends, youngsters have started taking a different stance at how they see people who differ from them. In the movie, one was a swot and the other was a macho. These features did not prevent them from becoming mates. Aliases should not be the things.

21 jump street gif

So, if you face a problem that seems to be impossible to solve, remember some films, or even find them with the help of hashtags; they will provide you with the solution.

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