Sample of Performance Review

Performance Review is considered to be the process during which the person who is in charge of some group of people, either a manager or a consultant, provides the evaluation and examination of the work behavior in the provided job conditions. Precisely, the evaluation is based on the comparison between present information and statistics about subject’s performance and the required standards which can be applied as the part of corporate strategy within a company or to be the set of specific rules, applicable to the certain tasks. The results of the evaluation are usually documented in a sample of performance review and after that, the reviewer often has to provide the outcome to the employee in order to get him or her informed about the existing issues of performance and rule following. Thus, the employee will see what improvements are required and why. Generally, such type of review is required when the employer decided whether the employee is going to be promoted, requires training, and is simply going to be dismissed from the position. Overall, there are several aspects of the review which can evaluate the performance of the subject.

performance review

Performance Review

Subject: John Smith

Work Product

The first aspect of the evaluation is the issue of work product. In this criterion, your performance will be analyzed from the perspective of the quantity and the quality of work which was done during the working hours. Here you completely meet the requirements and proved that the error rate is acceptable and all the work is completed in time, Moreover, different forms and types of paperwork are completed within the deadlines and there are no significant errors. However, the piece of advice for you here is to check and exclude small errors in the completed products of the activity. Furthermore, you tend to exceed the requirements in the area of deadlines as it is noticeable that all the projects are completed in significantly overtaking time periods.


The next aspect is dependability. Here you are going to be reviewed on the basis of being where it is required to be during the working hours and performing the actions which are up to the working replacement. Unfortunately, all the evaluation points to the poor compatibility with the average index across the company. Firstly, you happen to come to work without the preceding approval from the schedule managers. Furthermore, it is frequent when even do not appear on the workplace in the stated time, disrupting fixed working hours. Additionally, you often leave the workplace left in order to resolve personal affairs for hours and it is unacceptable. Secondly, you frequently leave the office before an hour or so to the end of the shift. Thus, it is considered to be the attempt to play the kind of truancy towards the responsibilities.


In this option, you are going to be reviewed from the perspective of the cooperativeness with the people inside the office (your team) as well as with the clients of the company. It is worth noticing that the result of yours here is outstanding. You happen to work cordially and willingly with the colleagues and clients from the points of providing requested help as well as just being polite. Moreover, you seem to express enough enthusiasm alongside displaying positive behavior to support the colleagues and attract the clients.


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