How to Get Hands on a Free Research Project Proposal Example and Come off Clean

When it is time to write a research project proposal example, students often find themselves in a pinch: how to find a great research topic for their proposal. Being too lazy to want to spend the long hours researching facts and finding the appropriate information, students often search for the easy way out: near free research proposals. Wondering, ‘how do they do it?’

Following is a cheat sheet, which most students use when they do not want to write a research proposal:

Use the Internet

“To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.” Steven Wright

It is not unheard of, students trying to copy quotes or other sayings by famous authors or writers. Even though a research proposal is submitted in hardcopy, the good ones are always published online. Students just need to find the correct topic, which they are familiar with and then it is copying time. However, it’s about how smartly you use someone else’s core idea and then “re-searching” on it, while crediting the original source for the inspiration.


Bribe Your Sibling

Researching for ideas is difficult, and a little help bribed or forced out of siblings never hurts. All one has to do is to offer their brother or sister something valuable or do any chore which they loath to do. Though you become indebted to them for a week but the work will be done with great precision.


Borrow Someone Else’s Work

At one moment or another everyone has done this, and it’s not limited to just siblings. The internet is riddled with new ideas and research work, most of which often goes unnoticed. When someone finds a research proposal, some think about going through it and passing it to the teacher as their own. The best part about this is that, since the proposal maybe a little out of date, all one has to do is research and update the facts and arguments.


Raid the College Library

College libraries often have a section where all kinds of research projects are kept that were done by students who have now graduated. This is like a secret bookshop for students. With the topic and material copied, they add a few lines of their own to make the project look original and they are done.

college library

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

When the chips fall down, friends are the ones who everybody turns to. This is the time when people start using every kind of emotional blackmail so that their friends do their work.


Trick Your Parents into Helping You

Often students pick a topic that was popular when their parents were young. This way, instead of researching, they ask their parents to write those details as they “cannot possibly capture the essence of that time”. It is the oldest trick in the book and yet no parent can avoid it.


Students will always have the tendency to find an easy way out. It is in their nature to avoid heavy stuff and find a way to do something that will give them free time to laze around.

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