6 Nasty Ways to Spoil Your Research Presentation Example

Ever wondered about taking revenge on the Anglo-Saxon attitude exhibited by your college faculty when they just used to pile on assignments on you? Still remember that moment when your professor failed you for giving an answer that you thought was best rather than it being an actual fit? Well, it is your turn now to take revenge on your academic nadirs with your research presentation example approaching soon. Follow this list and spectacle at the caterwauling of your teachers and professors.

1. Send the Right Message

You are about to start your presentation and the very first thing that pops up is the header for the starting/introductory slide. No better way to send your envoy across and warn the faculty of the madness that is about to start. The cover page of “Grades Don’t Matter by Tony Donen” as a header for your starting slide would be a great tool to break the ice. Mix it with a heading like “Game of Grades”, and you can be very sure that your message is understood!

right message

2. Stick them With the Textural Backgrounds

With the message conveyed across and your enemies being rattled, now is the time to deliver that war cry. Sober, pleasant looking templates are the way to go in a presentation. But you are not here to act nice and pretty. You have a war cry to deliver! And for that, textural backgrounds are the signalers to adopt. Make sure you pop those eyes out with pointy textural backgrounds.

textural backgrounds

3. Attack with Different Fonts and Colors

With the rampaging crusaders on both sides, it’s time to draw the first blood. Use different incomprehensible fonts, inked in colors of rainbow and you can march towards a killing spree.


4. Cut off Their Resources

Taking over the resources of your enemies in a war is a move that needs to be executed with swiftness. It takes them towards despair. Add blurry images and photos and capitalize every letter of your presentation and they are done! Congratulations, you are on the verge of annihilating the most brutal of races to inhabit the surface.

cut off

5. And They Fight Back

If you have ever followed a war closely, you can always expect a small clan of knights on the losing side, to give you a tough time. They are the ones with the super human powers. Crush them with a sudden appearance of a 500 word walking behemoth slide, and the resilience is well and truly broken.

fight back

6. The King Is Dead. Long Live the King!

Just to devalue the ranks of the members in the opposing house, you can always target that ONE royal, who has always bestridden you. Playact for once to omit the credentials from his designation while delivering the presentation and you can announce the demise of the fallen.


If you still feel this isn’t enough, here is the last thing that you can try. Get up early, record a video of yourself delivering the presentation, embed it in your introductory slide and dub-mash your entire way through it!

Just so if you are preparing to let it rip, remember – TRY these behind the curtains. Your grades do not matter but they are not pieces of jokes either – can’t help it if you are actually bad at them! Use our presentation writing service for your own benefits!

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